No time no time no time…

hello! have been busy.Need to slow down and take things into perspective.I find myself doing nothing much but work,and it’s actually starting to consume me…and im realising that its consuming me because i havent been sleeping well these days,im forced to think about what I have to do all day,I go to bed right after I finish work,and I dont get quality sleep,I wake up feeling even more tired,and then I even dream about work during sleep!Thats not good at all!

There has to be better time management between work and having time for myself…time for myself doesn’t include going out and getting slushed..because im pretty much out and running about town everyday for work…NO.I have to try to find quiet time to just read a book,go for a run in the morning before going to work,pick up a new hobby and just have recreational time.

I also realised that perhaps the reason why we complain about our local productions having lousy scripts and lousy tv programmes is due to the way our tv production operate. Im rushing scripts simply to meet tight deadlines every week,and even though I know they’re shite,Im simply too pressed for time,or drained to make them better…there’s simply no luxury of time. 

Perhaps its all the newness and tiredness of everything…but I feel like Im not able to appreciate and enjoy the process of doing what i do now.I always thought i will enjoy creative work,but right now im just going through the motion,like a automated bot churning out shite Tv. Perhaps i need more experience,perhaps I need more time…and whatever.

I dont want to be responsible for shitty tv.


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  1. Good Good… the only time I can peacefully read a book without kana disturb by ringing phone or mum.. is when I travel oversea. : P

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