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January 5, 2010

Twenty ten. Time is flying faster than I can keep up with. Around this time every year I ask myself the same question…where did all that time go? In twenty ten..I will know exactly where my time will go.I am scared and excited at the same time, this is really my first time working on a project on this scale and level,a project the world is watching,every day I’m terrified that someone will find out I really don’t have a clue what I am doing! Working late nights every day, sacrificing all sort of things just to get the job done for the day…I’ve been asking myself if this will all be worth it? I hope so but really, whatever.

Despite being caught up in a crazy schedule of work for the last year I’ve noticed myself slowly changing internally and shifting focus. Where I used to charge ahead full steam in my work related ambitions, albeit blindly,without a care the kind of carnage that could be left trailing behind my actions, now I take a moment to decide if it is worth it, and am i going to get into trouble?

On some days I’ve decided the best way I could spend my time is to spend my day cooking up a storm, make lovely bentos for my boyfriend, learn to knit things as useless presents for people, and whist away the time reading obscure literature and never burdening my brain with silly ambitions to get ahead in life. My life can simply be still, quiet with easy contentment.I suppose this is what people say when they are ‘mellowing” with age.

But then on other days I am charged, I am delirious from wanderlust, I move fast through the hustling urban crowds without ever looking back, I am a reckless soul who will step on toes to get me where i want to be, and I want a lot of things. Moments like this I am never happy with myself, never good enough and guilty for the days I allow myself to be “mellow”. “Have you given up? What about the dreams you had, what about all the things you wanted to be, the places you wanted to go? Get up and go!”

Contradictions. I suppose this cannot be unique for me…becoming an adult (at whatever age you choose to grow up) sometimes mean learning to let go of dangerous dreams in order to grab hold of a life buoy, a thick dose of reality that bring you safely down to earth. That part may be necessary, but it sucks.


Still alive?
March 23, 2009

Hi blog,

Just checking in to see if you’re still alive and well. I’m been great! Working hard and having fun.  Yes, the economy sucks, we are in a depression…however what I believe is just to continue to work hard each day – honest- to-goodness hard work will trump everything and new heros will emerge from this mess of a financial crisis.     

 I’ve gotten a good tan from biking in Pulau Ubin recently, just did a new video for it , check it out here in all its grainy glory.

On a random note, I tried this ricebox from Shihlin Taiwan snack today, only out of sheer hunger, and it tastes super good, I have no idea why I have not tried it before, all this while?! I could eat it for lunch everyday!

I’ve been thinking about starting a vlog.  recently and eyeing a new toy that will well facilitate this thought – a flip Camcorder ! Not in singapore yet, will be cool to be one of the first to get one. It is the smallest camcorders in the world that is able to capture HD quality videos and plug in directly to the computer for uploading. Because of its size, you can strap it on your dog/cat and see a dog’s view of the world, attach it to a helmet while doing stunts on whatever it is you use, use it as a spycam…the possibilities are endless!

The only negative part about the flip is the limited recording time – internal memory of 4GB and a recording time of 1 hour only, which is not enough!! I’ll have to think about it a bit more.

Have a good monday! *snigger*

Short Weekend Getaway
September 14, 2008

I know, I know, I have neglected this little blog of mine…

Not going to write much tonight, because its late and i gotta get some sleep real soon, but I thought I’ll just upload some pictures from a recent weekend trip to Batam, Indonesia (my semi-homeland) to share. It was a short getaway, just 3 days over the weekend…and while my intention was to go cable ski-ing, I ended up just holing up in the resort all day (it was rainy) then venturing out in the evenings via some DANGEROUS, madcap RAVING Cab rides for some great,cheap seafood! Also nostalgic was the A & W, which I really miss because we don’t have it in Singapore anymore,such a shame.

This month is really all about extreme overindulgence of seafood for me…I’ve just been eating so much it’s the first time i feel a little sick of seafood now, as a matter of fact I got sick because of seafood! Not for too long though.

                                                               Island kitty

                       Go-karting…i went really slow because i was so worried about the bends!

Can u believe this was polished up by just me and Derrick? 
                         “Crayfish” …I think they were actually Mantis prawns.The seafood were all LIVE and we get to pick them from tanks, and decided how to prepare them. This was buttered and fried… really good.

I’m getting bitten by the travel bug again, just keep wanting to get out of Singapore for some reason. Singapore is a great place to live in ,yes but sometimes you just feel like there’s really nothing much interesting to do!

OK Goodnight!

Tokyo in Video
February 17, 2008

I finally finished it! My little vlog of the Tokyo trip last December, compiled from all the little clips and pictures taken during my trip.Don’t expect any MTV quality stuff in this montage,the camera is shaky at times, images are grainy…it’s more of a personal, fun account of my 10 day trip in the coolest city I’ve visited to date. I had a hard time sorting out all the pictures (and there were a lot!)  and condensing it to under 4 minutes of video.I wanted to put in everything!! But here you can see the highlights.

he-che-che–Check it out!