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Still alive?
March 23, 2009

Hi blog,

Just checking in to see if you’re still alive and well. I’m been great! Working hard and having fun.  Yes, the economy sucks, we are in a depression…however what I believe is just to continue to work hard each day – honest- to-goodness hard work will trump everything and new heros will emerge from this mess of a financial crisis.     

 I’ve gotten a good tan from biking in Pulau Ubin recently, just did a new video for it , check it out here in all its grainy glory.

On a random note, I tried this ricebox from Shihlin Taiwan snack today, only out of sheer hunger, and it tastes super good, I have no idea why I have not tried it before, all this while?! I could eat it for lunch everyday!

I’ve been thinking about starting a vlog.  recently and eyeing a new toy that will well facilitate this thought – a flip Camcorder ! Not in singapore yet, will be cool to be one of the first to get one. It is the smallest camcorders in the world that is able to capture HD quality videos and plug in directly to the computer for uploading. Because of its size, you can strap it on your dog/cat and see a dog’s view of the world, attach it to a helmet while doing stunts on whatever it is you use, use it as a spycam…the possibilities are endless!

The only negative part about the flip is the limited recording time – internal memory of 4GB and a recording time of 1 hour only, which is not enough!! I’ll have to think about it a bit more.

Have a good monday! *snigger*


43things to do
July 9, 2008

Always wanted to do something but never quite sure you can do it on your own? Now you can say it out to the world and find out how many people have the same inspirations as you!  let you make a list of up to 43 things you want to do with your life;it can be anything, really from learning the piano to falling in love to making more money! Once you’ve put in your thing-to-do you can get to see the list of people who share the common objective.From there you can cheer each other on, leave comments or tips…eventually when you have achieved what you set out to do, you can put a “I’ve done this!” next to your accomplishment. 

So far on My list, I have 3 things:

1) Stop slouching

2) Be on time for work (I’ve been late recently) 

3) Drink more water

Arguably quite achievable things. I will think of more things to put on the list.

It’s already July?
July 7, 2008

A quick update to anyone who gives a cherry about what I’ve been doing with these past few weeks/months.Beside not blogging.

– Still pulling long hours at the agency on most days, although I try to get off work at a decent hour if I can help it. I get home at about 8pm most days, sometimes 9pm,eat a home cooked dinner, take a hot shower, watch some TV, check my personal email and catch up on my celebrity gossip and fashion blogs , and then collapse into bed with a soothing mask to detox the day away.

– I caught the Sex and the City Movie. And then I got the fabulous movie soundtrack.And now I have the SATC theme song as my default ringtone. Yes it suffice to say I loved the movie. 

–  I’m going to have to take my driving theory test AGAIN!! in August and starting my practical lessons.

– I’m becoming re-aquainted with Second Life again, particularly in the Second Life fashion scene.It is really apt to say that Second Life IS Fashion…why else would you want to earn all that lindens for,other than to dress your avater up to look like a (cyber) milion bucks?  I’ve always, ALWAYs had a secret wish to be involved in fashion design somehow,some way…but in real life I can hardly sew a button on properly.So becoming a digital fashion maven suddenly sounds very appealing and much more achievable with some photoshop skills, creativity in texture and layering…and Ta da! I’ve been lurking around this massive e-social sphere a lot these days, absolutely fascinated about its possibilities and new media potential.

One of the first dresses I’ve created for my avatar, a tube dress with belted details on the waist,and a tulip skirt with floral print details. I am a budget SL-er though, have not invested a real dime into the game.The flexi hair was scored in a fatpack at only 10L..the earrings was a freebie, so was the skin. One do not have to invest real money to have fun in this game!

New toy: LG Viewty
March 16, 2008

I’ve been looking for a new phone since forever, and yesterday I finally went out and found what I was looking for in a phone all this while…The LG Viewty KU 990:  A 3G tri-band GSM phone with connectivity of HSDPA up to 3.6Mbps, a gorgeous 3.0 inch touchscreen LCD, and a 5.1 megapixel camera which also shoot video at a massive 120 frames a second ( the average camera shoots at 30frames/second) It has an internal memory of 100MB but allow external memory slots up to 2GB ( I have a 1GB SD card now) and a second front facing camera  for video calls.

I’ve been playing with it since I got it yesterday and so far I’m pleased as punch with this new phone. The touch screen navigation takes a while to get used to if you, like me, has always been a button user. Sensitivity can be adjusted accordingly, and you simply sweep your fingertip upwards on the screen to scroll down the menu or pages. Browsing webpages is great because of the generous screen space, and the phone also reads Word doc, Excel files and PDF which will come in handy for work.

The 5.1megapixel camera is really the star of the show, I must say it really is quite decent for a cameraphone. I have not had a camera since my 5megapixel Canon died on me last year, so I’m happy that I now have a decent camera and phone together in one nifty package, best thing is I will be carrying it around 24/7 with me ( while I always carry my cellphone around, I tend to forget to bring my camera all the time) so I will no longer miss out on any photo-ops!

The phone also has a Divx video and music player: I’ve loaded some songs in and I tried to load an episode of Grey Anatomy, but the phone apparently doesn’t read AVI files: it needs some convertion to DivX before it can be played.  Guess it wont be replacing the Ipod, but hey, you can’t have everything.

I suspect I ended up getting the Viewty because I’m so sick of waiting for the Iphone to come to Singapore! Although thinking about it now, the Viewty might actually lives up to its name as the iPhone killer; while they are similar in style and in the touchscreen navigation functions,  the Viewty wins hands down with the inclusion of the 5 megapixel camera alone. (The iPhone is a meager 2 Megapixel, and no MMS functions I heard?!)

Cheers to more connectivity and blogging on the road!