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Book Review: Lauren Conrad Style
November 21, 2010

One of my not so secret indulgences used to be  watching MTV’s “The Hills”, back when Lauren Conrad was still the star of the show. Needless to say the show went completely downhill (no puns intended) once she left reality TV  to pursue her fashion career, and I stopped tuning in and turned to Gossip Girl instead for my bitchfest/fashion fix.

When I came across the new Style book that Lauren Conrad recently put out, I couldn’t resist getting it because I’ve always thought Lauren’s brand of california-chic style was quite stylish and accessible, she’s managed to always look put together,but still comfortable in most of her pictures. The book is a must have for Lauren Conrad’s fans, there are plenty of glossy pictures of Lauren in different outfits for different occasions,looking great by the way, and the content is split into 3 main sections: Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle.

I’ll focus on the fashion part.In this section, Lauren covers the essentials of putting together a workable wardrobe for different occasions like work, school, parties and events. She also included tips on how to conduct a proper shopping hunt (‘cruise around a large department store one time before circling back to grab the piece that caught my eyes the first time round.’) and avoid “skipping regret” (that’s when u hesitate when getting something you wanted and ending up losing it later) and impulse purchases at huge, wallet friendly stores.(buying things you don’t really need just because they are cheap)

She included some types of looks to wear for “first dates” or weddings, as well as for work. ( didn’ really like the office work looks, a bit too cliched, but I guess Lauren Conrad hasn’t spent much time working at a real office job) I love the powder pink dress(above, right) which she recommended for a “first date”, so sweet!

There’s also a entire section on accessories, including shoes, bags and jewellery.

All in all, a nice , glossy “coffeebook”type of book to flip through and look at the pretty shoes and outfits in signature Lauren style. I thought some of the most useful information included was the packing list she compiled for different vacation trips; city trips, work trips, weekend beach trips etc…. great for people like me who constantly get stressed out and way overpack for trips.


Chick Lits cram
August 10, 2006

Ive gone through quite a number of books this week without quite realising it.Im quite a fast reader normally,I usually devour most types of fiction cover to back within a afternoon sitting  on the couch,or if im really absorbed, in about 3 hours propped up in bed at night.Anything with a plot is good.Though the same cannot be said about the actual amount of retention of information from dense,theory heavy textbooks.:(

I’ve steered clear of hard reading materials..preferring female authors and protagonists i can relate to at this time of my life.So far…Ive gone through these..

My favourite being “Devil’ of course…and I cannot wait for the movie! it will be a real “spot the prada/gucci/chanel” couture treasurehunt.”he’s just not that into you” was a interesting read….but seem to advocate the kind of speed dating that this guy thinks girls should just get with, to “not waste the pretty”. The gist of it being that all guys are the same,and guys ultimately enjoy the chase and will pursue the girl he wants,and that if he does not, the girl should just get on with it,move on to the next guy and not waste time trying to rationalise why he didnt call.Or try to call him.(attraction suicide) I guess its true to a certain extent,but it just seem so ruthlessly dismissive. hmm. I have to admit Im a bit of a old fashion prude when it comes to relationships..I would want the guy to make the first move,and i enjoy being pursued.And i’ll DIE before I have to call him. You know,the old fashioned way.Not so much into the man-eater scene,though girls who do that are brave and cool as well.;)

Am thinking of putting up a radio blog on my will be nice to have some chick music streaming through when you’re reading eh?! Chick chick chick..i seem to be all that these days.Oh, i heard that male oriented fluff reads are call “Dick lit”! apt!    

Who was your “Miranda priestley”?
July 26, 2006

Yes yes i am painfully aware that i’ve just about let this little site DIED for the last few weeks,and of course i have a perfectly good explanation for it…uhh…actually,never mind!I have been busy in my own way meeting up with friends,spending quality time with wayne and of course sending out those resumes and going for interviews (i have been to two so far).I think the process of looking for your first real job is not really as insufferable as it’s made out to be…it really gives you the chance and time to sort yourself out,and think about what you really want to do.I’ve really given it some good thoughts,and I like to believe i have a clearer direction now where im headed.Which is just a breath of fresh air.

I’ve also been catching up on reads…i’ve actually allowed myself some guiltfree indulgence by reading chicklits! I just finished “The devil wears prada”  and enjoyed it very much,though the ending really is quite predictable. Bosses from hell..we’ve all had one “Miranda priestley” in our lives before! 

Mine was when i was 18 years old,working as a temporary sales associate while awaiting entry into university.She was in her mid 30s,meticulously groomed all the time and freshly divorced…she has this ‘hard’ face which morphs mainly into 2 types of expressions-crude disapproval, and disbelief in that “i cannot believe what a incompetent idiot you are” way. When she was around i was expected to be on my feet all the time-pretending to be busy even when there was absolutely nothing really to be done..she could not bear the look of her employees sitting or in Situ for one moment!

She would leave the store on a whim,leaving me alone in the store for long hours without toliet breaks or dinner/lunch breaks.I had become friends with the friendly neighbouring store-owners and often had to ask them to keep a lookout for a while ,and make a mad DASH to the bathroom/food courts,get whatever i needed and be back in under 5 minutes. She doesnt bother with the ‘Hellos’ or even names and often any conversations with her usually involves the barking of curt orders, accompanied with a snotty stare at how inefficient/cumbersome/wrongly i had executed her orders. Her orders were often vague and incomprehensible as well,like she expects us to be able to read her mind…it was horrible!And all that at a working wage of $5 an hour!         

At times during her reign as “boss” in my 18 year old’s life then,I kept reminding myself that it was all temporary;I will one day be more highly educated and cultured,and make more money than she’ll ever make,and i will take her orders and commands and shove them up her you-know where! Haha! It was probably the only thing that kept me going, while i continuously resisted the urge to do like Andrea did in “the devil wears prada’ and shouted a spectacular “FUCK YOU” to her bitchy boss and walk off in glory.

Looking back,i could have fought back with more spunk..On the day of my ‘A” level results,I had taken the day off work to pick up my results.It was a great day,I did well for my papers,got into the university i desired..and i was in a mood to celebrate our victory  with all my schoolmates,but then i got a call from my ‘Miranda”,demanding that i get back to work immediately for the afternoon to late night shift, never mind that my parents were on hand with a celebratory dinner.(it became a celebratory uh,supper?) When i got back to the store,she asked me with a sneer in her eyes and voice, if i was ABSOLUTELY sure that my grades were actually good enough to get into a university.Sheesh!

Ah…all that was long ago,but as i’ve just realised,still fresh in my mind.