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Book Review: Lauren Conrad Style
November 21, 2010

One of my not so secret indulgences used to be  watching MTV’s “The Hills”, back when Lauren Conrad was still the star of the show. Needless to say the show went completely downhill (no puns intended) once she left reality TV  to pursue her fashion career, and I stopped tuning in and turned to Gossip Girl instead for my bitchfest/fashion fix.

When I came across the new Style book that Lauren Conrad recently put out, I couldn’t resist getting it because I’ve always thought Lauren’s brand of california-chic style was quite stylish and accessible, she’s managed to always look put together,but still comfortable in most of her pictures. The book is a must have for Lauren Conrad’s fans, there are plenty of glossy pictures of Lauren in different outfits for different occasions,looking great by the way, and the content is split into 3 main sections: Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle.

I’ll focus on the fashion part.In this section, Lauren covers the essentials of putting together a workable wardrobe for different occasions like work, school, parties and events. She also included tips on how to conduct a proper shopping hunt (‘cruise around a large department store one time before circling back to grab the piece that caught my eyes the first time round.’) and avoid “skipping regret” (that’s when u hesitate when getting something you wanted and ending up losing it later) and impulse purchases at huge, wallet friendly stores.(buying things you don’t really need just because they are cheap)

She included some types of looks to wear for “first dates” or weddings, as well as for work. ( didn’ really like the office work looks, a bit too cliched, but I guess Lauren Conrad hasn’t spent much time working at a real office job) I love the powder pink dress(above, right) which she recommended for a “first date”, so sweet!

There’s also a entire section on accessories, including shoes, bags and jewellery.

All in all, a nice , glossy “coffeebook”type of book to flip through and look at the pretty shoes and outfits in signature Lauren style. I thought some of the most useful information included was the packing list she compiled for different vacation trips; city trips, work trips, weekend beach trips etc…. great for people like me who constantly get stressed out and way overpack for trips.


It’s already July?
July 7, 2008

A quick update to anyone who gives a cherry about what I’ve been doing with these past few weeks/months.Beside not blogging.

– Still pulling long hours at the agency on most days, although I try to get off work at a decent hour if I can help it. I get home at about 8pm most days, sometimes 9pm,eat a home cooked dinner, take a hot shower, watch some TV, check my personal email and catch up on my celebrity gossip and fashion blogs , and then collapse into bed with a soothing mask to detox the day away.

– I caught the Sex and the City Movie. And then I got the fabulous movie soundtrack.And now I have the SATC theme song as my default ringtone. Yes it suffice to say I loved the movie. 

–  I’m going to have to take my driving theory test AGAIN!! in August and starting my practical lessons.

– I’m becoming re-aquainted with Second Life again, particularly in the Second Life fashion scene.It is really apt to say that Second Life IS Fashion…why else would you want to earn all that lindens for,other than to dress your avater up to look like a (cyber) milion bucks?  I’ve always, ALWAYs had a secret wish to be involved in fashion design somehow,some way…but in real life I can hardly sew a button on properly.So becoming a digital fashion maven suddenly sounds very appealing and much more achievable with some photoshop skills, creativity in texture and layering…and Ta da! I’ve been lurking around this massive e-social sphere a lot these days, absolutely fascinated about its possibilities and new media potential.

One of the first dresses I’ve created for my avatar, a tube dress with belted details on the waist,and a tulip skirt with floral print details. I am a budget SL-er though, have not invested a real dime into the game.The flexi hair was scored in a fatpack at only 10L..the earrings was a freebie, so was the skin. One do not have to invest real money to have fun in this game!

Tokyo in Video
February 17, 2008

I finally finished it! My little vlog of the Tokyo trip last December, compiled from all the little clips and pictures taken during my trip.Don’t expect any MTV quality stuff in this montage,the camera is shaky at times, images are grainy…it’s more of a personal, fun account of my 10 day trip in the coolest city I’ve visited to date. I had a hard time sorting out all the pictures (and there were a lot!)  and condensing it to under 4 minutes of video.I wanted to put in everything!! But here you can see the highlights.

he-che-che–Check it out!

Nokia N95: Must..Have…this…
August 6, 2007

For more than a few weeks now,I’ve been on the hunt for a new phone now that my mobile phone plan is reaching the 2 year mark. On more than one occasion, I’ve found myself inexplicably pressing my nose onto the display panel of telephony shops,staring intently at one phone: the Nokia N95.

I’ve done much research and I think it’s the perfect phone for me, with the 5 megapixel camera( same as my existing camera), the mp3 player and the wi-fi integrated windows for emailing and opening work documents.I’ve grown tired of lugging a camera, my ipod and phone around with me all the time …having a N95 will mean all this functions will be jampacked into one sweet little package, and I’ll be truly on-the-go…probably blogging on the go as well! wouldn’t that be great?

I know a lot of people are eagerly looking forward to the iPhone coming to Asia, but it will only arrive in early 2008..that’s a long time ahead, and I truly believe the hype might have died down considerably by then.I, for one am not really excited by the iPhone, mainly because I predict there will be a lot of bugs in the new phone.The camera will only be a crappy 2megapixel for the costly price tag.I’ve also heard the iPhone comes with its own internal card and does not work with sim card! That will mean giving up my present phone number and mobile plan just to get a new phone..It just doesnt make sense to me. Reviews comparing the iPhone with the N95 have also been popping out everywhere…in terms of function and sheer hard work, there’s just no competition…N95 trumps the iPhone any day. Go Nokia!

Now to start scrimping to get this dream gadget…