Has it been that long?

Hello friend or  maybe a random stranger, I just remembered I still have a wordpress account today, so just checking in.:)

it’s two-0h-0h-NINE! Gosh,my last post was about freshly chopped hair ( which has since been chopped,dyed, retouched,trimmed a couple of time already).. where did all that time go?

To recap, 2008 was another year that went by in a blink.I only really remember working, working,working and I didn’t travel anywhere except to Bangkok, Thailand and maybe a few short trips to Indonesia. Life in a agency tends to do that to u huh, you end up in your own little bubble , filled with other people who like to stay in a office all the time?

My wanderlust is really,really biting at me…I’ll have to make up for it in the new year, I pray for any opportunity to travel.

2009 is likely to be a time to me to make a few bold (and not so bold but necessary)  choices in my life. My boss gave us an “inspirational” peptalk yesterday about bracing for a potentially difficult 2009 both in our working and personal lives, in which we all snickered endlessly, but secretly had to admit it really does make sense. He said in 2009 we will have to start it off with a sprint, by preparing early with everything we want to achieve,not drag our feet by simply  assuming the worst of everything when no effort has even been made to try to make things better. 2009 will be a year for the sprinters who wont give up running to catch up with the rat race no matter how far behind they are. All obstacles, or “boulders”  (deadweights who do not put in the work and hinder the race as a result) will have to be pushed aside to make way.

I have mostly been tiring myself out in recent weeks by sleeping at ridiculous hours and eating too much junk food on the way , so will really be using the upcoming CNY break to muster up my mental “sprint” for the year. Physically, mentally…I just need to be repaired.

Just random fact:  I’ve just devoured the entire twilight series- all 4 books, Twilight, New moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn and one chapter of midnight Sun…in 5 days. hee hee hee. I like the books much better than the movie.


2 Responses

  1. Welcome back to your own blog.

    : P

  2. Thank you, it feels good to be back! 😛

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