Short Weekend Getaway

I know, I know, I have neglected this little blog of mine…

Not going to write much tonight, because its late and i gotta get some sleep real soon, but I thought I’ll just upload some pictures from a recent weekend trip to Batam, Indonesia (my semi-homeland) to share. It was a short getaway, just 3 days over the weekend…and while my intention was to go cable ski-ing, I ended up just holing up in the resort all day (it was rainy) then venturing out in the evenings via some DANGEROUS, madcap RAVING Cab rides for some great,cheap seafood! Also nostalgic was the A & W, which I really miss because we don’t have it in Singapore anymore,such a shame.

This month is really all about extreme overindulgence of seafood for me…I’ve just been eating so much it’s the first time i feel a little sick of seafood now, as a matter of fact I got sick because of seafood! Not for too long though.

                                                               Island kitty

                       Go-karting…i went really slow because i was so worried about the bends!

Can u believe this was polished up by just me and Derrick? 
                         “Crayfish” …I think they were actually Mantis prawns.The seafood were all LIVE and we get to pick them from tanks, and decided how to prepare them. This was buttered and fried… really good.

I’m getting bitten by the travel bug again, just keep wanting to get out of Singapore for some reason. Singapore is a great place to live in ,yes but sometimes you just feel like there’s really nothing much interesting to do!

OK Goodnight!


2 Responses

  1. Wow…..very nice trip.

  2. Thanks!

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