It’s already July?

A quick update to anyone who gives a cherry about what I’ve been doing with these past few weeks/months.Beside not blogging.

– Still pulling long hours at the agency on most days, although I try to get off work at a decent hour if I can help it. I get home at about 8pm most days, sometimes 9pm,eat a home cooked dinner, take a hot shower, watch some TV, check my personal email and catch up on my celebrity gossip and fashion blogs , and then collapse into bed with a soothing mask to detox the day away.

– I caught the Sex and the City Movie. And then I got the fabulous movie soundtrack.And now I have the SATC theme song as my default ringtone. Yes it suffice to say I loved the movie. 

–  I’m going to have to take my driving theory test AGAIN!! in August and starting my practical lessons.

– I’m becoming re-aquainted with Second Life again, particularly in the Second Life fashion scene.It is really apt to say that Second Life IS Fashion…why else would you want to earn all that lindens for,other than to dress your avater up to look like a (cyber) milion bucks?  I’ve always, ALWAYs had a secret wish to be involved in fashion design somehow,some way…but in real life I can hardly sew a button on properly.So becoming a digital fashion maven suddenly sounds very appealing and much more achievable with some photoshop skills, creativity in texture and layering…and Ta da! I’ve been lurking around this massive e-social sphere a lot these days, absolutely fascinated about its possibilities and new media potential.

One of the first dresses I’ve created for my avatar, a tube dress with belted details on the waist,and a tulip skirt with floral print details. I am a budget SL-er though, have not invested a real dime into the game.The flexi hair was scored in a fatpack at only 10L..the earrings was a freebie, so was the skin. One do not have to invest real money to have fun in this game!


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