Quarter Life Crisis

It just hit me.25. i’m going to be 25 in a matter of months. A quarter of a century old. What have I accomplished thus far in my life? Did I reach the expectations I had of myself at age 25 when i was younger?! Am i happy with my life thus far? Am I on the right track to eventually get to where I want to be ultimately in my life, career, as a person ?? So many questions, and so difficult to answer them with a resounding  YES! at this point. Which is quite disappointing to have to conclude of myself that at this point i’m not quite there yet.

The typical libra in me like to steer away from any kind of self pity or waste time indulging in bouts of  poor esteem, preferring to stay chipper in the thought that there is always a tomorrow to get harder,better,faster, stronger.      

However the reality of creeping toward quarter-of-a-century old is kicking my butt hard now and saying NO MORE WAITING UNTIL TOMORROW, IT’S DO IT NOW NOW NOW!

 *FREAK OUT* Time to revisit the life plan list.


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