Weekend Food

Hainanese Chicken Rice from Far East Plaza. I go there quite a bit for this. The chicken rice is good enough for me to endure the rowdy 18 years old mallrats roaming around the place ALL day. 

Dim Sum at Victor’s Kitchen ( Sunshine Plaza, First floor)

Hey, bright-eyed and bushy tailed is the best time to launch assault on a hefty dim sum brekkie! 

WARAKU DE PASTA  (Marina Square)

I have been waiting a long time to try this place for Japanese styled Pasta,which was supposed to be skewed for healthier and lighter eats.  

I had the Creamy Prawn Fettucine (top) it was GOOD. The Seafood Marinara (bottom) was just ‘ok’ according to my mate.

 Clam Vongole. Also, check out Pop’s amazing spirit fingers. (hahaha)


Spicy Chicken Wings and Swedish meatballs for brunch after a morning of shopping at Ikea.I love ikea. Everything about it is cool from the moment you step in the huge store. Your imagination takes flight: you can be more sophisticated/artsy/modern/clever/creative depending on whichever piece of furniture or mock up setting catches your fancy that day, and all these qualities can be yours when you pay for them in flat packed, self assembly packages to lug home. It’s a holistic experience and very good branding exercise. I can see myself learning a lot if I do work for them some day.       

*Burp* Happy weekend, whatever’s left of it. 

(All images from the awesome Viewty.)


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