Random Snippets

This is just a random post. With some random pictures and random stories from my past few random weekends.

My new Ipod Nano in PINK!: Derrick gave it to me as a anniversary pressie( which I will cover in another post). I am so stoked i went online to Ebay immediately and bought a chockful of accessories from some dude in Hongkong to go with it. At a stupendously great price too: this armband only cost me $6, I also got a protective plastic casing at $3. And all was inclusive of shipping! If I were to get them from the local ipod store it would have cost me well over $90 for them!! I am an eternal advocate in the AWESOME-ness of online bargain hunting.

In less awesome news, I was getting ready for work a few weeks ago and then this happened.

It was a really new bottle too. 😦  I have heard this from someone before: “Chanel make up lasts and lasts, hence is well worth its hefty pricetag; even its packaging is virtually unbreakable.” Well that is NOT TRUE, because the bottle fell from a height of less than 20cm to the ground when my hair curler’s cord accidentally brushed against it. Heartbreaking moment there.

I dropped off an old pet carrier at the SPCA a few weeks ago, and got to spend some lovely moments with the furry critters housed there as well. A lot of predigree dogs like Siberian huskies and Jack russells, and Persian cats are being abandoned by their stupid owners everyday, and it’s really,really  upsetting. Keeping a pet means making a commitment for at least the next 10 years. Even more cruel is following fads like buying a large dog when your household cannot accomodate them and giving them up after a few months when you’re tired or incapable of upkeeping it. So think it though, and then think again!  

Up next, one more random weekend post,this time featuring weekend food! ( Can you tell I am enjoying this random theme?)  


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