If you hate drinking plain water…

Plain water is such a necessary evil. Recently in an attempt to get myself to drink more water I’ve gotten myself a overpriced but whimsically designed waterbottle from NIKE that I lug around in the office all day to remind myself to drink up.

 Not only did it not work,I’ve actually grown to DREAD the taste of the plain water in the office (weird chlorine taste) and have instead turned to chugging a whole lot of unhealthy stuff for past few weeks; particularly on cans of Coca colas!

The effects from that are starting to show…I feel tired and fatigued all the time, my skin feels dry and scaly, my face is suffering a mini breakout, and my eye bags are coming out to play even though I’m trying to sleep more hours each day. It sucks.

I got an idea when I went for dinner at a restuarant recently. This restaurant flavours their iced water by popping in a few fresh strawberries into the pitcher with the water instead of lemon; so there’s a very subtle and sweet aftertaste of strawberries as you sip on the iced water. Really cool and refreshing. So these days, I’ve been filling up my waterbottle in the office with plain water but flavouring it with a citrus flavoured vitamin effervescent tablet to mask the taste. ( right now I’m on Berocca.)

It works great. I no longer have difficulty drinking up, and I’m getting regular vitamins into my system at the same time.( another habit I have not cultivated into myself on a daily basis!!) Go me!

On a separate note:I’ve been aching to get creative with my hands lately…I spend so much time on the computer, I feel like I need to get away from all things electronic for a change and go like,knit something for change.

(Im kidding about the knitting part of course,it’s just an example of what I probably should try and do.) 


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  1. Water is so essential for our health, and it’s good to see you are being creative even with your drinking water. Good on you, for experimenting with fruit and vitamins to spice up your water! I’d like to see better labelling on bottled water – several months ago it was in the news that Aquafina’s water is not even from a natural spring. Yet it’s cleverly marketed as such. Keep adding the goodness of nature to your diet – you can’t go wrong!

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