Just ordered this dress from This is my first time ordering from a UK website,I’ve stuck with US online retailers all these time cos of the weaker US currency..I can usually find a good bargain in them. But I really fancied this dress despite its GBP pricetag! 

One feature i find really cool about Asos is that they have a catwalk video feature for most of their stuff So when i set my eyes on one dress, not only do i get to see the dress in various angles, zoom in and out.. I also get to see a quick video of a model walking down the runway wearing it! So you can really see how the dress moves and flow in motion. A very cool and very effective method to turn browsers into buyers.    


3 Responses

  1. Great dress, I’m tempted to browse the website now.

  2. hi there,

    just a fellow petite girl in Singapore who stumbled upon your blog.

    wanna ask how do you get your stuff shipped from the us/uk websites? vpost, borderlinx?

    i can’t get anything that fits me here and the kid stuff at old navy looks promising and cheap when on sale…

  3. Hi Kat, I use Vpost usually, and sometimes i join sprees conducted by fellow online shoppers who uses CGW, a sort of conciege service. You can try, which is where i go, however be careful, only join a spree with a trustworthy spree organiser.:)

    For petite sizes I find that the clothes at, wetseal, hollister and abrocrombie fits me really well, 🙂 Old Navy is nice but sometimes their sizes run really big!!

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