Cotton On! And rant about clothing sizes in Singapore.

Cotton-On is an Australian label that sells mostly stylish basics wear for adults and kids at very reasonable prices. I knew “Cotton-On” has opened in Singapore for a while, but I ‘ve never really gotten the chance to check out the stuff, until today when I was in town for a quick while. They stock a lot of leggings, lounge wear, tank tops and tunics…they really do have some really great stuff, but what really surprised me is that they stock sizes from XS which I am always grateful for!  I got 2 cardigans (pictured) in yellow and electric blue which were going at 2 for $30, and two tunic tops at $20 each which fits great  and are really versatile, they can be dressed up for the office and dressed down for the weekends.  Thumbs Up to Cotton On.


There’s one thing that really bothers me about shopping in Singapore , and its that I never quite understand why highstreet brands like Forever 21, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins has always been importing clothing sizes from UK size 6 onwards to Asian markets where it is a widely known fact that Asian girls tend to be more petite in size and hence demand for smaller sizes are usually a lot higher. I know these brands usually carry sizes from XS or size 4 in their home countries, but they are not being imported to Singapore for some reasons I really don’t understand. If you can import up to size 14-16 for the niche market of plus sizes women, why not import XS for the niche group of petite women as well?

In Forever 21 especially,I’ve had so many unpleasant experiences that I’ve given up shopping in the stores all together. Firstly, the store in Wisma Atria is notorious for its unorganised settings, clothes are strewn everywhere and the racks look that it has just been through a emergency fashion rampage, clothes of different styles/colours/seasons are all lumped together within racks. Adding to that is the perpetual situation where usually the decent outfits you do manage to find in the mess are NEVER available in common sizes like S or even M, they are usually only available in L or XL by the time you get there. And we are talking about revealing halters top, miniskirts and slinky dresses sometimes…honestly how many XL sized women are actively looking to add those outfits to their wardrobe? The shop is literally littered with huge sizes nobody wants to buy.It’s honestly exasperating! What are they thinking?

If L and XL are not widely demanded sizes and are often the excess stocks left after a season shouldn’t it make economic sense to import more of the smaller sizes and less of the large sizes to Asian countries? Japan seem to understand that concept…most foreign labels carry petite sizing to cater for the petite japanese women. So why can’t we do that in Singapore?

I used to have a list of stores that I would be able to get decent clothes in my size, but in recent years they have dwindled. A particular shop got me really upset, because they used to carry XS sizes but one day decided to make the switch to selling “F” sizes clothing,presumably to make more sales and solve problems of size-related excess stocks. “F” size. “Free size”.I hate that term. When is fashion ever free sized for all? If consumers are paying decent prices for clothes, they should have the right to have clothes that fit them comfortably, give them a sense of belonging and wraps the contours of their individual bodies snugly. Why should we pay for ” one size fit all”? One size would NEVER fits all, because humans come in all shapes and sizes! I mean, come on!

(rant finished)

Ahhh I feel so MUCH better! 


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  1. Wow I totally agree! And I’m only like, 1.46? How bout u?

  2. get a life. if all sizes were xs, what are plus sized women gonna wear? LEAVES? doesnt hurt to wear baggy clothes right?

    • Hi …Plus sized or XS, i think all woman deserve to have clothes that fit nicely don’t they?
      It is merely an observation that clothes sizings are getting bigger in Singapore, and i concur that its because SG women are getting bigger.So for the petite ones, nice clothes are getting harder to fit properly.

      Also leaves COULD be the next big thing, u never know! *wink wink*

      • well, i mean , sometimes you have to think about the minority and let’s say this situation’s sake , the ‘bigger’ people . if you were to make an ‘observation’ , you could at least shift your view from the ‘petite and small’ sized folks to the upper scale folks . and i’m sorry if you don’t like free-sized clothing because you might think that i will be baggy or whatever you want to rant about it. Now , I’m an S sized young lady, but i personally think having free-sized clothing makes it so convenient for everyone , be it size or shape because I can imagine seeing a t-shirt i like in a store and going into it , only to find out , it can’t be compatible with my body . You see ? It works out our self-confidence of ourselves . And FYI , I’m not pissed at your little rant but I just wished people with a mindset like yours , be a little more open-minded . It would do everyone good , including yours , dear … wouldn’t you say ? 🙂

    • Over-sized tops are fine. But bottoms? Smallest size of cotton on drops off -.- I’m 1.65, so…

      They shld seriously get in smaller sized ones.

  3. Hey,

    Like you said, we all have trouble finding clothing sometimes. And you have to agree that plus-sized women have more trouble finding clothes in a part of the world which thinks of petite as ‘perfect’. It’s just lucky for us BBWs that we have DP, M&S, Robinsons — It’s expensive, but hey, beauty always has a price.

    As for your problem, I suggest you try G2000, Ice Lemon Tee and such. They’re the shops that my friends go to… and they’re plenty skinny 🙂

    Have fun!

  4. I was totally pissed off with the Cotton On branch at Lot One. The sales assistants have got attitude problem. I had tried searching for a customer feedback site but to no avail.

    I was at the Lot One branch this afternoon. The Malay woman at the changing room was terrible. She made a face when I didn’t purchase any of the 3 items I had tried on. I mean.. what was her problem? I really wonder.. why people work in the service line when they have got absolutely zero manners? stay at home if you are such a royal bitch!

  5. hi..i’m a cotton fan..does “cotton on” stuffs really comfortable to wear or is it just another fashion outlet with the word cotton on it?

  6. hmm my experience with cotton on is not fantastic too apart from the price… May I know which outlet do you find is the best…? I will reserved my “non-positive” comments…Thanks

  7. Shalini: Thanks a bunch! i will check out some of those shops u mentioned.:)
    Jane: Bad service is pretty common especially when they hire untrained young staff as workers. Some of them are a bit immature and do not know how to serve customers graciously? Heehee, actually very recently I had an experience with a Cotton On worker at the parkway parade branch.i was looking at this worker trying to tidy up the knickers rack in the store, and instead of hanging them back on the rack she was sweeping them into the bottom of the rack on the floor, so people won’t see them!

  8. Farah: cotton on is a brand name..not all their clothes are made of cotton.
    Jac: I think the Orchard branch and the city hall one are pretty ok? I prefer to to just go in ,grab what i like and pay straight away, this way I dont have to interact much with the staff.I have a better experience this way…haha!

  9. Hey … my experience was at Parkway Parade with a lady too….

  10. i totally agree with the availability of clothes in plus sizes. they’re like impossible to get n if we’re able to find them, the price are like impossible too. it’s not as if the ‘big girls’ are born rich. and im equally frustrated with shoes that are available in singapore! the biggest is 42 witch is sold at cotton on. im a big girl. more like born at the wrong place. im tall and have big feet. my shoe size is 43! and i always have to custom make them at leapin lizard which is expensive. we big girls are having many problems finding clothes and we cant possibly wear the small one whereas the smaller sized girl CAN wear the big ones so small sized/XS girls… STOP WHINING!

    • Alright, you are telling petite people to quit whining while you yourself complain about how impossible it is to find clothing in your size. NEWSFLASH: we’re facing the same problem. It’s really not that hard for a shop to cater to both of us, is it?

  11. this is insulting. to plus-sized girls. what’s with the halter top and things like that. they could just be big-boned.

  12. Caucasian brands are manufacturing clothes meant for their caucasian market. I don’t think they’ll really bother abt making petite sizes just to cater to the fewer outlets they have in Asia, or rather, asian people in Asia. i would say, just find the clothes that suit you, don’t bother dwelling on brands that don’t make clothes of your size. This is one thing that leads to brand-consciousness.

  13. haha im aussie but ive got singapore roots n weve got alot of cotton on shops here which u guyz shoul definitely check out and thers one shop call valley girl wich is awesumme:)

  14. stop bitching and moaning.
    I’m from australia. a lot of the shit we get here is from asia. a majority of your clothes are badly fitted and a lot of girls have to be anorexic to fit into them.

    • I agree with you, i am from singapore and i am big, the clothes here are darn small, i always ship from america all the way here.

  15. blame it on the stores for not catering to different regions. I can’t understand why i see thick winter clothings in a quarter of the stores in sunny singapore.

  16. honestly, sometimes i even feel that the XS sizes for Cotton On are huge. And I have to wear the smallest size for G2000, and they are always the first to get sold out during sales.

    It’s so hard to find clothes when you are practically sharing the same size with most of the women in Singapore.

    And yes! Today I was at New Look at Somerset@313, and all their sizes range from size 12-16. It was so hard to dig out just a size 6 or a size 8.

    And even Uniqlo. Sometimes it’s hard to get sizes too.

    The only shop that I still love which will always carry my size is Mango. =)

    • I feel you Ash…that is exactly what i’m talking about…when almost every woman is wearing a size 6 or 8, the sizes just run out the minute it hits the stores and the XLs gets left over for sales which few people will buy.. So the question is…why not bring in more of the common sizes so that they dont run out so fast..

  17. hey there.. talking about Cotton On, may i know which is the biggest outlet in Sinagapore?

  18. Free size is a lie! And it’s worse when they have ‘no trying’ and ‘no return’ policies!

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  22. The pant lengths in xs would be very long for Asian women also. The lengths are usually 36″ or more.

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