Chinese New Year

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Happy Chinese New Year to all! I’ve just come back home from the first day of visiting the relatives…it was an interesting day overall.Every year we invite a lion troupe into the house during CNY and they come with roaring cymbals and loud drums, to bring good cheer and great fortune to the new year.This year I was designated the cameraperson to film the proceedings of the lion dance, and it was all great fun.And then halfway through the dance the “lion” turned towards me and directed a grand shower of (sticky) mandarin oranges bits, peel and juice from its “mouth” all over me and my brand new red dress!! My aunties  told me it’s good luck that the lion picked me as the (unwitting) recipient of the mandarin orangey bits, so for the first time in many many years I armed myself with some lucky numbers (at least I hope they are lucky numbers) and went along with the clan to buy 4D. 😛

I’ve been thinking about what I want to accomplish in 2008…and as with everything else It’s easier to say it with a list!

1) Work: Get a promotion at work. Get involved in bigger, more exciting accounts to work on.

2) Money: Start saving at least 10% of my salary every month. ( I just got a new saving plan,so basically I just need to keep at it.)   

3) Read more.

4) Travel to 2 places I havent been to; Bangkok, Thailand and the US of A.

5) Style: Get a good perm and more colour in my wardrobe. I’ve been sifting thru my wardrobe..everything is in black,white and greeey! I’m really boring.

6) Start running and exercising more, especially on the weekends where I can have more time to hit the gym or go biking in the park!

Finally…spend more time on my relationships and friendships. In 2007 I’ve gained great new friends and gotten estranged from some old ones…..I’m hoping this year will be the time to mend those fences.

Happy Chinese new year!      


2 Responses

  1. Although you live in Singapore and I in Estonia, we have many similar thoughts and problems – funny. 🙂
    You have very inspiring blog, I’m glad I found it randomly.

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