Ginza Matsuya : Coolest building ever!

Arghh it’s back to work and reality all too soon! I went to Japan over Christmas and managed to have my first white christmas in Hakone,where it was already snowing in parts of the area.

I got into lots of interesting encounters during this trip…including going to a outdoor public bath that involve bathing naked outdoors in 3 degrees celsius temperature and then running to get into the 40degree hot spring cos I was freezing!!

While most of the stuff in japan is wayy too expensive to go on a shopping spree,I found some great jeans from Uniqlo, and some bargain buys at branded outlet stores…Took a lot of pictures, spent a lot of money…putting together a little v-log of the trip now, will upload it when it’s done.

 Tokyo was amazing,I had a great time even though half the time I was freezing my socks off….. I love this city and can’t wait to go back! 


2 Responses

  1. I can never go Japan to travel.. no $$ haha…

    Glad you have a cool and nice trip.. : P

  2. Lucky you, can’t wait to see the photos!

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