Birthday Weekend in Krabi (Part 1)

For my 24th Birthday,I took off to Krabi,Thailand for a few days of sun and sea…it was a special birthday treat from my boyfriend as well as a much needed break away from  work. 4 whole days away from anything to do with advertising…it was FANTASTIC! Perfect weather, it was non-peak season so there was plenty of room on the beach,cheap massages and manicures, no overcrowding of tourists, the beaches were beautiful,the food was cheap and so good. The only damper was that there are noisy construction going on in the island, and around our HOTEL so it was not that peaceful during the day..lesson learnt,pick hotel locations carefully! The resort we stayed in was “La Playa Resort”, and it was all right, except the main pool was under construction as well!?(see below for pictures) But the beaches were awesome so it made up for the lack of a usable hotel pool. Krabi is an absolute paradise…I can’t believe it’s only 1 and a hour away from Singapore via flight. I need to go back again real soon. 🙂

This is part one of pictures,featuring our snorkeling trip to the various islands, check out the marvellous water and marine life!

For the foodies: Krabi Part 2:THE FOOD coming up next!


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  1. Happy belated birthday, what a wonderful trip!

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