I’ve never been big on branded stuff, especially not the overrated and hopelessly ubiquitous Guccis and LVs(both real and fake ones,these days who knows right?) on the high powered,tiny fists of women everywhere. Sheep mentality right? Whatever she has I want one too.Lame.Pfft.

But after spending an entire morning train ride oogling at this impossibly stylish lady who was carrying a Louis Vuitton Damier Duomo bag to work, I just couldn’t get this beautiful bag out of my head ever since. I’ve fallen in love with a $2000 piece of material heaven. Now I wish I had the financial power to consumate this dream! ARGHH.   

In other news,work has been really craaazy the last few weeks…and now I’m super looking forward to my little beach getaway trip this weekend…I really do need some R & R. 😉 See u in a bit.


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