Shooe Simple!

Good news for shoe fiends! Clear Shoeboxes. I’ve heard of them a while ago from a magazine, available from US vendors and one from a local website, and thought it was a  fantastic  idea. No more rummaging through mountains of dusty shoeboxes(depending on how much of a shoe fiend you are) for THAT part of heels you haven’t seen in a while. I always thought it was such a shame to hide that glorious collection of shoes amassed over the years in dark shoe cabinets, now I can display them proudly while keeping them protected from dust and mould at the same time! The boxes are stackable and re-usable,they also open cleverly from the side,which saves the hassle of re-stacking the boxes when you need a pair from the bottom pile…just pop open that one box and retrieve your shoes! 

Because I can now categorize my shoes visually by colour,I’ve realised I have too many black heels, and I need..more..colour!

(I think it’s daylight robbery to buy this boxes at $10 each though.After trawling various suppliers,I’ve found a supplier who’s selling them at a cheaper rate,and I’m putting some online for sale.Click here if you’re keen!)    


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