Bringing HealthyBack

I have been shiick. Spent the weekend lolling about in bed,shaking with cold one moment and sweating incessantly the next. Could not get better before the work week started again, so had to eat onto monday as sick leave. Went back to work today and I swear everybody had to repeat everything they said at least TWICE to me, before any string of words or numbers managed to register logically in my head…I’m definitely not back to 100% at all. 😦

I haven’t been treating my body well at all, stuffing myself with incessant oily, unhealthy food, not drinking enough water, not eating my greens, slacking off at the gym…plus the late lunches, late nights and stress from work is really not helping.

Need to get back on track! I’ve decided to start with my diet..this include getting more greens into my daily intake. I am going to try to pack a salad full of greens for work every morning, so I can munch on it at my desk just in case I get too busy to eat lunch at the right time. I start this routine Wednesday,which is tomorrow.

Wednesday: Farmboy salad – with Romaine teared lettuce,cherry tomatos,1 hard boiled egg (sliced), roasted chicken bits, topped with parmesan cheese, bacon bits and Italian dressing.  Sounds good huh! I will be spending the next few days hunting for good salad recipes to add to my repetoire of daily salads. Let me know if you’ve got a favourite one to share!   


2 Responses

  1. I love salads, I should really eat them more (your recipe sounds delicious)! Perhaps I am a little put off by the preparations needed to make one.
    Hope you’re feeling better…

  2. […] my intake of greens and fruits recently,in a bid to eat healthier and better.Other than my a-Salad-a-day resolution,I’ve been juicing up on freshly blended fruits during lunchtime.I’m lucky I […]

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