Nokia N95: Must..Have…this…

For more than a few weeks now,I’ve been on the hunt for a new phone now that my mobile phone plan is reaching the 2 year mark. On more than one occasion, I’ve found myself inexplicably pressing my nose onto the display panel of telephony shops,staring intently at one phone: the Nokia N95.

I’ve done much research and I think it’s the perfect phone for me, with the 5 megapixel camera( same as my existing camera), the mp3 player and the wi-fi integrated windows for emailing and opening work documents.I’ve grown tired of lugging a camera, my ipod and phone around with me all the time …having a N95 will mean all this functions will be jampacked into one sweet little package, and I’ll be truly on-the-go…probably blogging on the go as well! wouldn’t that be great?

I know a lot of people are eagerly looking forward to the iPhone coming to Asia, but it will only arrive in early 2008..that’s a long time ahead, and I truly believe the hype might have died down considerably by then.I, for one am not really excited by the iPhone, mainly because I predict there will be a lot of bugs in the new phone.The camera will only be a crappy 2megapixel for the costly price tag.I’ve also heard the iPhone comes with its own internal card and does not work with sim card! That will mean giving up my present phone number and mobile plan just to get a new phone..It just doesnt make sense to me. Reviews comparing the iPhone with the N95 have also been popping out everywhere…in terms of function and sheer hard work, there’s just no competition…N95 trumps the iPhone any day. Go Nokia!

Now to start scrimping to get this dream gadget…


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