Sea angels

My third week of work and all I can say is that I’m getting home from work later and later in the night these past week…and later today I’ll be in town running a roadshow too.And then back to work tomorrow. Meh. I’m spending my weekend just catching up on sleep and running overdue errands. But enough of grumbling…here’s something interesting to share.

In my third week of work I tagged along for a meeting at Sentosa and got a imprompto free tour at the UnderWater World ,where I’ve havent been back to,since my secondary school days.I was like a kid again,in the viewing tunnel…the fishes are HUGE now, and they have this open ray pool where the stingrays swims and wave their fins at you and you get to dip your hand in and touch them! Then there’s the star dugong called “Gracie”,who swam right up to me and pushed her face right in front of mine on the glass panel…she’s adorable.      

 But I was transfixed by these little creatures kept in a special 2 degree celcius exhibit tank.

Sea angels are small pteropod mollusks of the suborder Gymnosomata. Their feet have developed into wing-like appendages (parapodia) and their shells have been lost, both adaptations made to suit their free-swimming oceanic livesAlso known as gymnosomes, sea angels belong to the Orthogastropoda a subclass of Gastropoda (snails and slugs) which includes nudibranchs.

Sea angels are gelatinous, mostly transparent and very small, with the largest species (Clione limacina) reaching 5 cm. Clione limacina is a polar species; those found in warmer waters are far smaller. Some species of sea angel feed exclusively on sea butterflies; the angels have terminal mouths with the radula common to mollusks, and tentacles to grasp their prey, sometimes with suckers similar to cephalopods. Their “wings” allow sea angels to swim much faster than the larger (usually fused) wings of sea butterflies. Other species of sea angel feed mostly on zooplankton.

Extract from Wikipedia.They were only about 2cm long…radiate reddish pink light from their core,and has a very fairy aura to them.Reminds me of sea monkeys, but much much more beautiful. 


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