Ink for your walls.


 Read about these vinyl wall decor in the newspapers a few weeks ago, and I think they’re a fantastic ideas to dress up a plain wall quickly, and if you change your mind about it they can be taken off just as fast. Commitment-free home decor! Here’s more details from      

 Nothing livens up a space like a bold pattern. But if you’re gun-shy about wallpaper, a non-permanent solution — like a removable vinyl cover — might be the way to go.

Vinyl? Yes vinyl. In addition to covering kitchen floors with faux-stones and home exteriors with fade-proof color, the durable power of vinyl can in fact be harnessed in rather chic ways. But just don’t call it vinyl — it’s called vynil.

Vynil, a wallpaper alternative, gives adventurous home owners a chance to showcase cool graphics from European designers the without all of the long term commitment. For less than $100, you can decorate your walls for long as you’d like without any paste, steaming or scraping. Just stick it up, and pull it down.

Think of Vynil as a temporary tattoo for your walls.

 And here’s a Singaporean company Wink who is carrying it here.


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  1. I would love to try them for fun!

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