Mia and Mai

Hi guys! I apologise for the MIA over the last month,and I know I said some changes were due for this little webby, but I’ve just procrastinated on it big time.I’ve started several drafts of entries but did not managed to finish it for some reason.Life have been busy, also I think I just needed a personal break so I didnt really feel like writing about anything much.

Recently though I’ve came across this really talented artist, Audrey Kawasaki and her dreamy, whimsical “girly-art”. Above is one of my favourite, its called “Mia and Mai”. Stunning! If I could afford it (and the accompanying ridiculous shipping fees) I’ll be getting one of her canvas for my room.

Anyways…these days I’ve been on a break, catching up on reading and spring cleaning many aspects of my life (metaphorically and literally..like cleaning my room) and basically getting ready for a new career/phase in my life.I like it.Stay tuned.   


2 Responses

  1. Ooh, new career already?
    I love Audrey Kawasaki’s prints too, they are fab (like the one you chosen).
    Glad you took a break, you really needed it! Hope all is well 🙂

  2. Haha..I think you MIA for more than 2 months. All the best for your new career. Meanwhile, enjoy yourself and take care.

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