This is annoying.

Last week,in preparation for the cousin’s big chinese wedding dinner in February, we went out for an after-work session of dress-hunting.I’m slated to be one of her ‘Jie-meis” (bridesmaids) so I will need a dress for the evening,and one for the day’s celebrations. She took me to this little boutique in the heart of the working district,where they have a selected stash of authetic designer wear ( probably samples leftovers) that they are selling at quite knocked off prices.(Gucci at $100,anyone?)It’s said to be a secret haven of those Taitais looking to save big on face and save even bigger in their pockets!

When we were in the store the owner picked out dresses she deemed was suitable for me,and put them all in the dressing room so i could try them on.Upon entering the dressing room I was awed by the dresses surrounding me…A white Chloe dress.A black Gucci evening satin gown. A Marc Jacobs satin shirtdress. More Marc Jacobs.More Chloe.It was like a fashion macca right there.I’m sorry if I come across a fashion country bumpkin but I’ve never really come this close personally to these kind of designer threads before…I mean I read about them in magazines but not face to face in a dressing room like that , and actually getting to try ALL of them on! So I was SUPER careful when I tried them on,didnt want to tear or break any stitch or seam, but something really annoying became apparent soon.

Even the smallest sizes were too big for me! They were all american sizes, so the smallest size she had “S” is still quite big. I’m on the small,petite side with small shoulders and quite small arms as well, and I was really dissappointed when I eyed a dreamy black Chloe gown that I LOVED but was far too big for me,even if it was to be altered.It was frustrating! In the end I got a Marc Jacobs brown halter gown,with shimmery stuff all across..that will require major will be up when the gown is ready.

But yeah.I’ve always found it a major headache getting clothes that fits me for a long time, and I suspect that sizes in Singapore these days are running bigger and bigger, seriously,even as people are getting more weight obsessed and celebrating being “skinny” as the way to be. Why? Being skinny is no fun, not when you have trouble looking for clothes that fits well in major stores and department centres, and you can’t play with fashion as much,because those in vogue usually will require some alterations before you can go out in them.Its tedious and annoying and I’m sick of it.

So I really have 2 options – Clothes will have to shrink themselves to fit me better, OR i will have to grow bigger to fit them!

Guess which option seems more fun? 😉



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  1. Oh that is annoying, seeing so many beautiful dresses and not being able to wear them. Definitely gain more weight, more fun and healthier?

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