Au Jardin Les Amis

Today was my lovely cousin’s big day, as she tied the knot with my (now official) cuz-in law and they had a garden reception for the solemnisation ceremony at the Botanic gardens, followed by a luncheon. Was pretty chuffed when I arrived at Au Jardin Les Amis (which translates to “In the garden”) for the first time, the french colonial/glasshouse  setting was really romantic with lush greenary all among us,free flowing champagne and jazz playing in the background. 


The happy couple 🙂

 The luncheon was impeccably organised with each guest getting a personalised placard with their name on it and their own tailored menu for that day, and waiters in smart suits rushing to refill your crystal glass with more wine/juice/ evian, everytime you threatens to drain your glass. Very impressed! I was seated by the balcony with sunlight streaming in thru the glass windows and lush greenery peeking in,very nice indeed. Let’s get to the food!


Marinated Crayfish,fresh Mango with micro green. 


Braised Wagyu Beef cheek, with sauce Bordelaise


   Warm Guanaja chocolate moelleux,pistachio ice cream ( “notice the smiley face”,the waiter dutifully informed me, haha!)

I skipped the foire gras, and had seared scallops with cauliflower floret and raisin vinaigrette as starter , but I was so eager to delve into it that I didn’t take a picture,pity. The wagyu beef was extremely tender, and the scallop arrived fat and juicy… cooked to perfection. The chocolate moelleux was YUMMY! I like everything except for the crayfish appetiser which was a bit too raw,an unacquired taste for me.

Oops moment of the day: Silly me, I thought the place was “all right, quite nice” with its snotty faced but extremely attentive waiters, but it was only much later that I realise that our meal was personally prepared by celebrity chef Galvin Lim, and Au Jardin has several “restaurant of the year” awards under its belt and that a meal there comes with quite the heavy price tag! Oops! No wonder for the impeccable service!   

Nonetheless, I had a grand old time with the family today, with some funny moments in between, like a sharp eyed (and slightly tipsy)  guest informing a bemused waiter that in one of their paintings in the restaurant (of Boat Quay in the old Singapore), he can spot a man wearing a teeshirt, and that he know for a fact that back in the olden days people didn’t wear teeshirts in Singapore,and asked if the artist ran out of ideas to clothe his subjects in the painting? Hehe.

Also overheard a little gaffaw that i couldn’t help but burst out laughing at. “Hey,better eat more bread now,french cuisine not like chinese cuisine, portions are so small that if I sneeze i think the beef will just fly away and  disappear!” Nothing like a chinese family let loose in a french restuarant. 


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  1. Beautiful pictures of your cousin’s wedding. Mmm..look at the gorgeous food! LOL on what you overheard, thanks for sharing.

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