Having one of those days.A colleague commented that I “look” like one of those girls who tend to let guys walk all over them. He’s right.

Reading my first ever self help book (I used to think self help books are for losers who can’t manage their own lives.Actually, I still think that.) I won’t let on what book it is, but I was blushing left and right in embarressment when I was paying for it at the book store. Gosh, i’m corny. 



2 Responses

  1. haha.. nothing wrong with the self-help book. Read with an open mind.. it just a book. Why give a conclusion that read this book mean you are this kind of people?

    Give yourself a break bah! : P

  2. Chill out babe. Everyone has their bad days, it is how you manage them that matters. It is good that you are making effort to get self-help instead of pushing it aside till it’s too late, like most people do.
    Alternatively, you might want to pick up a couple of new hobbies. Having a new focus in your life will definitely get your mind off the negative thoughts. There is much more to Life than self-diminishing.


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