Cheers to friends and the littlest things

Dinner with a couple of my kolkata travel buddies today was great! One of them will be heading to France to complete his studies, basically plucking himself from the familiar life as he knows it in Singapore and plonking himself in France to live and study for the next two years of his life, armed with only basic French. Just like that.I’ve been thinking if I’ll be able to do something like that in my own life while im still young…to live life on a whim, so carefree and free spirited.

Good food, good cake, good company.The simple joy one derives from that flows forth so easily,  yet so very preciously as the same time.

Another thing that’s bringing me that bit of fun and joy in the mornings nowadays: I’ve invested in my first electric toothbrush! Dental hygiene just became so much more fun and effortless!


2 Responses

  1. hmm.ZM or KY? Or both? So smart.. no worry.. I guess you will have a lot of opportunities to work oversea.

  2. 🙂 yes, I think in your line of work there are plenty of opportunites in the future to work overseas. How nice for your friend to go to France to complete his studies. Hope Christmas brings you joy and good rest.

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