Retail Therapy

It was one hell of a day at work today.Logging off the computer finally at the end of the day, I noticed that my working hobo is ratty and really worn from me lugging tapes and whatnots in it all day..i’ve really been abusing it and going home from work in the train one day,one of the straps actually gave way.

So I made up my mind to go take a look at this handbag i’ve been eyeing for a long while…and decided oh all right,i’ve been working really hard,i deserve this..and I got it! It’s a $240 Giselle hobo from Guess,and I have a gift voucher for it from my birthday,so i only had to top up about $140 for it.Still..its probably one of my biggest investment in a handbag up to date!

I got it in Brown…since everything I own is in black. The crackled leather looks nicer in brown.

Also got this really nice woolly half-cardigan from FOX, after spotting it on one of the VJs wearing it for a show.Its woolly and warm and perfect for some modest coverage over  a camisole.

AND….Times is having a Buy 3,pay for 2 books deal for a whole range of Marien Reyes and Jennifer Weiner books right now. So I managed to add “Good in Bed”, “Little Earthquakes” and “Goodnight nobody” to my little library at a very affordable price,which is great because I dont normally like to spurge good money on fluffy reads.  Couldn’t believe my eyes, Jennifer Weiner is one of my personal favourite authors when it comes to chick lit…her characters are always interesting and funny and also normal…they dont get into the whole life-of-a-rich-party-girl-in-hollywood fluff that a lot of chick lit tend to steer towards to get attention from readers.  I used to be such a sucker for these books…but it’s quite funny that now that I’m in the media industry itself..I dont enjoy reading these celebrity/hollywood fantasy tall tales anymore because obviously most of it is bullshit.

Total Damage after just 30 minutes roving around mall on a post-work day: 200 buckaroos!

Note to self: Need to get that financial budget excelsheet out pronto!


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