Smell the roses

Hi everybody! That is, if theres still anybody reading my little blog here.How are you?  I’ve been pretty much working non-stop,and the rest of what little time i have left… I sleep it off, and mooch around my house complaining about my work related problems. to anyone that listens.

Staring at my terminal in the office the other day, with yet another late night working…I realised suddenly that my “dream job” is really starting to make me miserable as a person. I get bullied around and allocated more work than Im supposed to do because im the newbie. Im not really gelling with the office culture as well.(everybody smoke and drink like sailors, and im a teetotaller.)  I’m frustrated with myself because I wish I could just be more assertive when it comes to dealing with people,so i dont get pushed over so easily. And then I get home and I fall into bed and Im miserable because it gets so lonely and quiet at night.

My dream job is suddenly not so Mcdreamy anymore.I still like some aspects of it…but the workload and deadlines are getting ridiculous. Instead of feeding my soul,I feel drained and empty. Im definitely not happy with how thing are going in my life now.I’ve been trying to chin up and soldier on…but I’ve also realised that I tend to put my own welfare/happiness at a lower priority and try to please others more than myself when it comes to work and that’s really stupid.

So this weekend I’m going to try to make a list of all the things I do that makes me a little happier and cheery,and focus on them to make myself feel a little better. 


3 Responses

  1. Hihi…I think it’s still your dream job just that the environment is not as what you’ve expected? That’s better than misinterpreting the work nature of your dream job. But anyway, enjoy your weekends!

  2. haha… sleep tight and dont let the bed bugs bit.

  3. Be selfish
    Take a Cherrybomb day
    Live longer

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