Spree on a budget!

Found myself actually having an early day off work today (by early I mean around 7pm) and decided to indulge in some afterwork retail therapy in the shopping mall next to my office building.I’ve been hoping to find time to check out the new Daiso,and today i did!The lure of going on a crazy spree is strong when you feel like you can afford everything in the store ..everything in there cost 2 bucks. Bought a whole load of wacky japanese stuffs,including this nifty eye gel pack that you can put in the fridge for a while,and then slap on the nice chilled pack to relieve tired eyes. NICE! I like it a lot,i figure it might come in quite useful.


4 Responses

  1. What a fantastic looking store with tons of cool stuff from Japan, I have to tell my sis in Singapore about this, thanks.

  2. Hey! I got the exact same PINK one! WooHooT~! Great minds think alike! I recommend you the “Nose Pack” thingey they have too. It comes in cream form like a mask where you apply to your nose and simply peel the rubbery layer off after a short 5 min. TA-DA! It clears the dirt from your nose and even pores! Great for pple with problems with Blackheads like myself! Best of all, Cheap Cheap! $2 only!!!

    I simply Loveeeeeee that place too! In fact, spent the whole of last Sunday at the IMM branch. Gawd.. if you think the PS one is good, you’ll NEVER wanna leave the hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee IMM one man!

    For those reading this entry, HIGHLY recommended! You’ll be so amazed by all the cutsie inventions that you wanna put them Allll in your shopping basket!
    *Kudos to people from the Land of the Rising Sun*

  3. haha…it’s been very useful for soothing tired eyes! zig^gy,you sounds like a a bloody advertorial la..But YES,i am looking for that nose pack too,couldnt find it at the PS outlet,and IMM seemed too FAR to travel.i heard its really very good.Next time go together ler!

  4. Crust: You have a Sister in singapore? Yes,do tell her about Daiso in Plaza Singapura and IMM building..thats if she doesnt already know about them.;)

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