It is always hard to be the newbie

Flew solo for the first time for studio recording on tuesday,and made several blunders resulting in angry directors,waiting guest performers and frustrated artiste management people…It was such a blur of a day,with me running around the office in my stupid heels (note to self: wear sensible shoes on studio days)like a possessed chicken with its head chopped off.

People were demanding answers,being rude,asking me to hurry up,asking for stuff i dont have and things i have not done before,and my head felt like a pressure cooker,with stress building up with every hurdle.And all that was ringing in my head was ” Im NEW you fucktards,i dont know,and i dont have the answers or the stuff you want from me!”

And then I realised that it didnt matter to people how difficult it was for me,or that im still new,because the only thing that matters was getting the show on the road and on time and no delays or mistakes will be tolerated at all in broadcasting,not by anybody.So I took a deep breath,went in the studio,forced myself to be as assertive as possible and just trudged on until the day was over at 10pm and i dragged myself home for some much needed sleep.

The rest of this week will be filled with events and interviews…I have an afternoon interview with Westlife,who’s in Singapore for a concert,a Calvin Klein fashion event at night,and a weekend interview with this korean boyband called shin hwa which i still have not done research on and have no idea who they are at all.

It is funny that about two weeks ago, having a schedule like that would have thrilled me to bits and much excitement.But right now it really just looks a lot like WORK to me,and i am so,so tired.

(P.S:i need a really good organiser!)




4 Responses

  1. Yupz, your title for this entry says it all man. Just rem- E.J.H.I.O.S. aka Every Job Has Its Own Shit.
    Sad but true, being new nv seem to be valid excuse for mistakes and it shud nv be one for yourself. Only consolation is- you’re not the only one- everyone’s bound to go thru that phase unless ur daddy’s the boss baby~. With high pay (tho it does not apply to your case) and great job satisfaction comes high expectations. With a great job comes great pressure. Just hang in there and don’t let the frustration/angst get the better of you. The more they piss you off, the more you shouldn’t be.
    Btw, Shinhwa is like the Korean version of Energy kinda th- not too sure which came first. My bro’s (the younger one of coz) like crazzzzyyyyy over these great dancers- posters all over his walls. Here are some sites that mite help with your research.

    PS: saw some pretty neat organisers at Kino.Mite wanna check them out. ; )
    PPS: My Declaration: 1) I dun camp by your blog everyday. 2) Yes I’m at work and NO I’m NOT slacking. =”P

  2. My suggestion is next time you get a new assignment from your manager, ask yourself.. can you handle the work alone? Can you finish this job and jobs in hand already? Most importantly, can you get the job done well.

    Newbiz always has this mind-set. I cannot say NO. Because I am new. But the main thing is, people tend to pass works to you and train you. When you didnt reject or ask for help, then believe you can handle and they want to see what is your stand.

    We dont care whether you need to OT, work from 9 – 10pm or what. We dont care you are new to the industry or have years of experience… you dont show result, you dont produce result, we will F**k you.

    Therefore, dont feel pai sey to ask for help, or tell you manager… I can handle anymore workload. I am new and I need time to pick up skill to get the done fast. : P

  3. Opoo.. I forget. Keep one pair of flat shoe in your office. When you walked around the office, you can change to those shoe so you can walk around faster.

    When you need to go for interview, then change to high heel. And bring some excess clothes to the office.. in case last minutes you need to be out for interview.

    Last time I also do that. If last minutes I need to go out and meet client, I can just change clothes I “store” at office. 🙂

  4. Sounds like a demanding job, but wensiong is right do speak up and tell the manager that you need time to adjust and I’m sure in no time you will have fun as well as enjoy the challenge. In the meantime, get some well-deserved rest.

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