Radio Mundial, Womad 2006

Womad 2006 was great! For those not in the loop,WOMAD is a outdoor global music festival, and stands for World of Music,Arts and Dance.It was a 3 day event,and i had unwittingly booked saturday tickets to go with my friends,before realising that my first assignment for work will be covering the event friday night on a media pass.(that means free admission!) AIYAH.

Anyway.So,there was a band that we had interviewed eariler for a segment,called “Radio Mundial” and they’re a upcoming NY based latino outfit.They have a hit “La Rais” which Santana liked so much he asked them for permission to cover the song. Anyway.One of them is an absolute DREAMBOAT and got every female in the office swooning when we went over the footage.And i was thinking,come on,they’re here,in the same room…I wanted a photo with them so much! But of course,in the name of professionalism,the producers are not encouraged any sort of uh..groupie behavior,including autograph seeking,photo taking ,shrieking and mauling hot musicians all that stuff with the performers we meet. So no,cant get any photos taken.

But on my second night out with my friends,we met them again and got to take photos this time,as “fans”. So i did get to satisfy my groupie tendency eventually without transpassing any work ethics!*glee*


5 Responses

  1. Already experiencing the perks of the job I see, I bet all your friends are SO jealous of you!

  2. orh… go Womad boh jio lor… like that lor………

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the gentlemen of Radio Mundial and I can honestly say they are definately more than just a pretty face. Their music is like the best sex you could ever imagine, in one word….unbelievable!

  4. great music,wonderful talent, the artists are a knock performance in town/ thanks

  5. Ziggy: eh..i didnt think u’ll be interested in going for womad lor!

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