Updates: Brand new job!

Pheew! Been a while! I have been extremely busy since the last time i updated,also, over this period of time quite a few changes has taken place in my life in a manner i’ve never quite imagined.Firstly,im finally ..gainfully employed! Hurray! After months of absentmindedly sending out tons of resumes to what must be hundreds of companies, a call came one day from a major media company asking me to go for a interview.Could not believe my luck.Panicked over what to wear.Lugged my one and only student film sample and resume to the interview,did the interview,and hoped for the best.

Two nail-biting weeks of waiting(pure torture) later,I was given the job.My dream job.To script and produce fashion and music events segments for a flagship show on a major tv channel, where covering social events and interviewing musicians/celebrities will become the order of the day.

The first day was surreal and very overwhelming.The broadcasting environment is fast paced,people are always shouting at one time or another,lots of new faces were introduced,names exchanged,famous faces I see on tv walking around the office like normal people and saying hi to little old me! I was already being thrown scripts and interviews to cover,and deadlines to meet.

A week on,I am grappling with having to learn a lot in very little time,dealing with snotty media people,and very long working hours where i’ve basically no time to do anytime other than go to work and go home.I guess its basically having the “dream job’ meet reality experience,and obviously reality is never that rosy.

But it has been exciting.It’s something i’ve always dreamt of doing,but never dared to imagine that i’ll actually go for it.Probably some day down the road i’ll be ranting about deadlines and office bitches and whatnots.But it’s great to be in a place where you can tell that people genuinely love their jobs,it’s a very positive vibe and im just happy to be around it.  

Ok,very tired,Will blog soon. Do what you love.Cheers. =)

(P.S: I am not revealing the company name because Im not sure how they feel about staff blogging.Hope everyone understands.Cheers!)


5 Responses

  1. Sounds like a fantastic job! Well done for getting it and better still, it’s what you wished for and in a big media company. So many opportunities lie ahead, wish you all the best!!

  2. Passion will fade out someday… especially when you press down by all the deadlines, works after works, same projects after projects, 24/7 of works and felt underpay… blar blar.

    Learn how to keep the passion burning is the key factor to hold your dream. 😛

  3. Still, the job sounds great! I’d love a job like yours 🙂 Congratulations, and may this job be all that you wished it to be!

  4. Cruststation:Thanks! It has been interesting so far,though being the newbie in this place feels a lot like a deer being caught in headlights at times!
    WX: Yes i am already feeling the heat; deadlines are constantly looming and it seems 24hours a day is not enough.So it does feel like it will be easier to just get the job over and done with so i can go home..but I try to put my absolute best in every segment that has my stamp on it.=)
    Jellygirl: u know,I bet you would do great in a segment on fashion! And your shoostories! ur blog inspires me a lot. 🙂

  5. CONGRATS! Sure is a job “a million girls will kill for”.

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