Chick Lits cram

Ive gone through quite a number of books this week without quite realising it.Im quite a fast reader normally,I usually devour most types of fiction cover to back within a afternoon sitting  on the couch,or if im really absorbed, in about 3 hours propped up in bed at night.Anything with a plot is good.Though the same cannot be said about the actual amount of retention of information from dense,theory heavy textbooks.:(

I’ve steered clear of hard reading materials..preferring female authors and protagonists i can relate to at this time of my life.So far…Ive gone through these..

My favourite being “Devil’ of course…and I cannot wait for the movie! it will be a real “spot the prada/gucci/chanel” couture treasurehunt.”he’s just not that into you” was a interesting read….but seem to advocate the kind of speed dating that this guy thinks girls should just get with, to “not waste the pretty”. The gist of it being that all guys are the same,and guys ultimately enjoy the chase and will pursue the girl he wants,and that if he does not, the girl should just get on with it,move on to the next guy and not waste time trying to rationalise why he didnt call.Or try to call him.(attraction suicide) I guess its true to a certain extent,but it just seem so ruthlessly dismissive. hmm. I have to admit Im a bit of a old fashion prude when it comes to relationships..I would want the guy to make the first move,and i enjoy being pursued.And i’ll DIE before I have to call him. You know,the old fashioned way.Not so much into the man-eater scene,though girls who do that are brave and cool as well.;)

Am thinking of putting up a radio blog on my will be nice to have some chick music streaming through when you’re reading eh?! Chick chick chick..i seem to be all that these days.Oh, i heard that male oriented fluff reads are call “Dick lit”! apt!    


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