Graduation Day

Sorry for the lack of updates on the blog! Been a busybee for the past week, been to a number of food places i meant to blog about,but i just havent got down to it.A few updates now…firstly, I’ve officially graduated as of yesterday,monday! With the convocation,an oversized mortar board and gown,and all that jazz.It was a fun,warm and meaningful evening for me.We cheered loudly for our fellow coursemates,as we each went up on stage to collect our hardearned scrolls and honours.

It has been quite a journey to get to this point…for me especially,it has been a tough journey filled with many painful moments of self doubt,and with more than a few times I’ve seriously considered simply giving up and quitting this 4th year of study,because I wasnt happy with my honours rank,that I honestly believed that I must be the dumbest one in my class,and that i did not deserve to be in there. Im glad that I did not quit,but chose to stuck it out no matter how bad it got.Ive gained a lot from my honour classes and from the process of writing my Singapore film research paper,met some wonderful professors,classmates and filmmakers;brilliant people who will go very far in the business im sure,and Ive basically moulded myself into a more confident and independent person. If I had quitted halfway,(which i almost,almost did last semester) all of these would have never materialised.So Im pretty happy. 

 Clara (and Mag) if you’re taking a break from your lab-rats and reading this in your office,thanks very much for the blooms and painstakingly “pinning” my oversized gown together to ensure there will be no embarressing moments on stage.:D

Photos will be up soon!


4 Responses

  1. hi, grea site. i used to put out a zine and a online zine called CherryBombPress many years ago. infact, was my email address til not very long ago. anyways, have heaps of fun and congrats on your graduation.

    much love,

  2. hi, great site. i used to put out a printed zine and an online zine called CherryBombPress for many years until a coupla years ago. in fact, was my email address til not very long ago. anyways, have heaps of fun and congrats on your graduation.

    much love,

  3. Dearest Ginette,

    I used to read u years ago! And now i’ve found u again! I used to write at a website called at around that time too,when blogging was still considered quite the “underground” culture.When I decided to blog again this year,i was looking for a name with ‘cherry” in it,somehow the name rung in my head again and I thought it was just a fantastic name for a (sorta..)chick blog,so I chose it.Please consider this a tribute to you will always be the ORIGINAL cherrybomb.:)

    Looking forward to hearing Astreal on MTV and over the radio waves real soon!

    Lots of love,

  4. my friend led me to this blog! it really made me smile. you have heaps of fun and go arm wrap the world, ya hear!

    much love,

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