Hi.Maybe a proper post later.I have been spending my time in a decidedly meandering and aimless fashion, being both busy and lazy at the same time.The pressure is setting in at least,the quaintessential conversation starter :”Oh,how is the job search going on..?” automatically falling from everybody’s lips whenever i see them, the gentle prodding from an increasingly perplexed mum asking “what exactly are you looking for in a job ah?”, the sagely boyfriend advising me not to get lost in my lofty ambitions and naive idealism in the quest to get employed.

I dont know I dont know I dont know.



2 Responses

  1. my experience ….. first job is to learn how to work with people in working life. No so much on fitting into your ambitions dreams or goal. Unlesss you working for the government….

    Get some working experience.. see the market and study which areas you like and need to improve. Nobody asks you to stick at your first job for years. 😦

  2. The job search process is indeed stressful and you have to be tough if you get those rejections. First job is about learning and I guess for me anyway the idealisms were quashed…not many get their dream jobs straight away, but good luck to you!

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