Im back!

Touched down at Changi airport this morning at 5am, lugged my goodieloads home in a cab.While I was struggling to find my keys in the dark to open the door,my dog started bawling loudly at me like Im some strange intruder freshly back from outerspace,and basically woke up the whole house.Crawled into my own bed (hello bed,i missed you.) at 7am,got woken up at 1pm by Wayne,and then mucked around until now,waking up for dinner again. Many MANY pictures! Food was great! Weather was fantastic!Shopping was oh my goodness,bloody go-into-spasms good! The full Shanghai & HangZhou post coming up next,once i get my smelly laundry out from my suitcase.Teeheehee. *embarressed*


2 Responses

  1. welcome back to singapore!!! awaits excitedly for ur next entry ;P

  2. Geek in the pink huh? We love Jason Mraz.

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