Sapphire and faded jeans,i hope you get your dream(pair)

This season, jeans are getting skinny( thanks to the legging fad i suppose) and ever more faded/distressed.Which only bids two things- One,please read my leg post  if you are vertically challenged, and Two..YAY those faded old jeans languishing at the back of my wardrobe will finally see the light of day again!

 Let's go sass out the season's good and bad jeans at

Chip & Pepper

Kapingding Tapered Leg

(Looks real nice with those funky pumps,dont it?) I keep thinking skinny legs doesnt really work with short/petite girls but i just saw a tiny girl in these jeans last night in town,and she worked those jeans like magic,with some ballerina pumps.


Waku Stretch Denim Reckfly Capri

 Capris this time ends just slightly below the knees,and will look best with eye catching heels if you have some "calf issues' or is petite in size…because these style does has a tendency to swallow up the length of legs.    

Seven For All Mankind

Kylie Cargo

(this pair is great as well,interesting taper at the end,really working the distressed look,though im not feeling the cargo pockets,would be nice if it was more streamlined.) 


Chip & Pepper

Boys Gone Wild Short

(Boys gone wild shorts?!! Im not entirely sure of that.NOO.This reminds me of bicycle mums,fetching their kids from school.NOO! Please bring back the Jessica Simpson era's denim shorts !) 

Lastly….If you really absolutely HAVE to..and only in the most direst of situations,like "my dog ate my last pair of jeans!" kind of situations…where you find yourself faced with the predicament of having to wear leggings,(the sorry excuse for a kind of bottoms wear)…..these are okey pairs.

Alice & Olivia

Striped Leggings


Busy day ahead,I had a nice indian dinner yesterday,masala Dosai with nepalese tea,and momo.( some kind of fried meal dumplings) No piccies though.Got a really sweet purple suitcase for my upcoming trip as well,extremely excited.More updates about that on the next post!   


3 Responses

  1. omg I love those leggings.!

  2. i wanted a women to marry , i’m morocco 29 year old i do not marriedx ok

  3. These jeans look fabulous! And the model has the most amazing body I have ever seen!

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