Thankful for the familiar

The next few days are going to be quite exciting for the geek in me.I sort of went on a signing up rampant on a whim,and by this morning discovered that i've signed up for a 14 day trial with hollywoodclicks ,had much fun picking out all my movies and have them delivered to my mailbox,so i can watch and then send back for more, within a trial period of time.(i will probably try it and then cancel it in time,before reviewing if i want a full monthly subscription with them.) I also registered a livejournal account so i can take part in this Sgspree  community where users combine shopping lists to buy products from the states and Uk websites.Im really not familiar as to how LJ works,and i dont think i want to post there much.I really do hate it when i dont get to customise my page as closely to  the way i want it in terms of the visual aspects..i like a clean,pretty page.Wordpress doesnt allow much customization as well,but it makes up for it by being incredibly user friendly with the blog interface, and the side widgets can be customised to a large extent as well.Im working(slowly) towards achieving a clean-cut, but very personalised style with little rough parts and handwritten fonts and pictures with this blog,so that it really reflects a sort of electronic fashion/food/etc scrapbook.

Ok techie rant over, Had a nice fussfree BBQ tonight with some mates and all food was supplied by which i think is a bloody fantastic idea.I will be getting all my bbq shinnigans from them for the next party/event im organising!


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  1. Besides, there is another one call

    Actually there are quite a few more. Maybe you can try others then tell me which company food is better. : P Hope you enjoy the BBq

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