Pocket burning

 It is that time of the year again, and in good timing as well since I am getting ready for a whole new working-girl wardrobe right now.The last two plus weeks went by like whoa…and ive paid enough homage to mapling,watching television and bum-on-couch-for-the-whole-day-eating junkfood routine to satiate me for a good while…now im actually itching to be useful to something,someone,or eh..society again! Im steadily packing up the remnants of my student lifestyle; old ring files and paperworks, throwing out clothes i wont wear again ( bye bye everywhere flipflops and ratty jeans),organizing and making room for new things to come in.In a way,it's really rather therapatic.Some of the old stuffs are actually unused,with label tags intact,i've just bought them and never worn before…and Im contemplating getting a booth at those trendy fashion flea markets with some of my girlpals and selling/trading off those threads cheap.Might even make some extra pocket money.It'll be really fun,wont it? Hmm.

I have been trawling through fashion label sites looking for stylish workplace threads to get some inspiration when im shopping for my new wardrobe,and everytime i see a jacket,skirt or bag i like,I left click and save the picture.So now i have a photgraphic mish mash of these gorgeous outfits in a folder…i might share them in a later post.Stay tuned!


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  1. I love saving pictures of things I like and leaving them on my computer for browsing, it’s kind of a digital scrapbook. Would love to see your collection…the flea market idea sounds fun, it is also a good way to truly part with your student past and get ready for the new work life ahead!

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