Make time for your dreams.

Supper night on friday saw the few of us "usual people" hanging out at an old pal's place,poring over old photographs of us in secondary school….it was so funny and nostalgic…and i got a good amount of ribbing for being the "shorty" who was always relegated to the front seat in class,with my geeky thick framed specs which i wore everyday to school until the grand old age of 15 when my mum finally allowed me to get contact lens.*blush* It was also then,that I guess boys actually started noticing me in school.*blush further*  

I actually found a couple of my essays which were class assignments then,published as selected student's works in the one of them i wrote about "an unusual incident" involving a chameleon and some classmate..its bloody weird that I can somehow still 'recognise' myself in those secondary school compositions.Weird! I was a budding journalist/writer-wannabe,was touted "most likely to become a journalist/news presenter" in secondary I must have been so proud of myself then!

On the way back in a cab at 4am, the groggy taxi driver took a wrong turn and then apologized profusely for his mistake,explaining earnestly that he was tired from rushing from a function gig to his taxi duties eariler in the night,and pointed to his gaudy "tom jones" inspired shirt.I asked him what he was doing at the function and he sheepishly told me he plays the drums in a band, and does night shifts as a cab driver to earn a living. " No choice mah..haha." he explained matter of factly,if a bit whimsical.I was in awe.Inspired.Here was a taxi uncle,earning his keep by driving people from point A to point B..not exactly the most stimulating or rewarding job you can imagine…but in this trudgery of trying to earn a living, he still finds the time and energy to play in a band..make music…whatever you want to call it..he finds the time to feed his soul.A lot of the talk in Singapore encourages upgrading! chase your Singapore idol dreams! and all that media driven crap that upper class citizens may find time for…but its just rare to find the average Singaporean working class guy finding time to "feed his soul"…we're usually concerned with earning enough to pay the bills,maintain the upkeep of our little pigeon holed flats,and keep up with the pack.It makes me feel a little more encouraged and courageous in pursuing my dream job,taking a shot at doing what will really feed my soul.Because's important to live this life with little regrets,and doing as much of possible,all the things you want to do.   


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  1. Hi there–thanks for your nice note on my blog–I’m glad to have found yours too!

  2. hehe.. I also had one chinese composition published at the secondary school year book. Showed it to you on Saturday. You still can read chinese right?

    As for you first job, hope you can have a open-mind and dont set your expectation to high. Life isnt as wonderful as you think, not to mention working life. šŸ˜› One step at a time; Run when you muster the strength and direction.

    Enjoy your holiday. : P

  3. Well done for recognising the fact of living your life without regrets. So often we live life to pay the bills and it is a vicious cycle, don’t fall into that trap and maintain that passion of something within you-this is important! Have a great time while doing it.

  4. Stepblog: hi! thanks as well.;)
    WenSiong: i have zero expectations for my first job,which is why im pondering over the dilemma of going for something that i might love to do but not pay so well,or something that may pay well but will not really ‘feed my soul”,as per say.Not that i have rose tinted lens when i enter the workforce…but i do think it is possible to find a job that one truly loves. šŸ˜‰
    Cruststation:Yes,u put it so aptly, this “living to pay the bills” cycle is sadly,what so many of us find ourselves falling into in our lives.

  5. haha.. in love with a job is like fall in love with a person. At first, you tink he is perfect. He dig his nose, snore.. you think he is sexy. After sometime, you find it dirty. Then later, you cannot stand it but you accept it ( if you still want to stay with him).

    Every job has it dark side. The earth is still moving so we have day and night. Same with a job.. it can be fun but it also can very stressful ( whatever).

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