Victor’s Kitchen

 For Mother's day this year,my mum requested for a nice dimsum lunch, so after a little research on the web we headed downtown in search of "Victor's kitchen", this little hongkong eatery nestled in Sunshine Plaza. Walked down the whole food lane before finding the tiny eatery in the furthest corner, simply furnished with an open kitchen counter and dozens of steaming dimsum "baskets"(pictured) piled all around.I was expecting a full lunchtime crowd but it seems we got there at a pretty good timing around  1pm, with plenty of seats.(when we started eating though,the crowd started to file in briskly.) We got seats,and one of the helpers promptly put a order chit and pen on our table,so basically u tick whatever dishes u want yourself and then pass it back to the counter. The order chit helpfully noted: 'we serve good food,not fast food." And good food it was. All the dishes with prawn inside them were fantastic,including the "prawn chi-cheong-fun", "Victor's tiger Prawn Ha gow", the spring rolls…none of that measly chopped prawn fillings found in most dimsum,Chef Victor generously stuff his dumplings with whole juicy fat prawns,super fresh and crunchy to the bite. The porridge was just all right,standard fare i suppose,so was the steamed chicken.The highly recommended Custard Milky buns lived up to its hype,it was my first time trying it and it was delicious! Soft and fluffy with sweet warm filling in the middle. The eatery is very pretty simple,with the serving staff rushng in and out of the kitchen with steaming dimsum baskets,and the chef chatting and smiling at customers while he cook at the open kitchen.They also serve your dishes and tea in these random assortment of plates and cups (like your cups u use at home),feels quite homely. At one point, the friendly chef actually came out and said hello while we were eating,and helpfully started to clear the empty plates from our tiny table while muttering in cantonese to "eat more,eat more!",hehe,quite funny.As we were settling the bill,he asked how we enjoyed the food, and thanked us for patronising his eatery before giving us his namecard.It was a heartening and good meal in all, and very reasonably priced as well.(Each dish around $3 only.) This is definitely a Die die must try!

Victor's kitchen , 91 Bencoolen Street, Sunshine Plaza #01-21.(near middle road,opposite Peace Centre) Closed on mondays.          


3 Responses

  1. You seem to eat a lot hor… can really can eat a lot… why you still so thin? haha.. enjoy your holiday at Shanghai.

    Hope to go there at the end of the year. Because it will snow!!!

  2. Sounds like your mum enjoyed it too, and the food…Mmmm, your descriptions are good enough to make me hungry!

  3. Here are some links that I believe will be interested

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