Wasabi Friday

Met up with a couple of my girlpals for a sushi dinner at Sakae, where we decided(ambitiously) to go for the buffet set! That's free flow of all sushi from the conveyor belt at $15.90 per head. We had a good time watching the conveyor belt go round and round the seats with seemingly endless stream of various sushi coming out of the chef kitchen, and shooting out a hand everytime to grab any fancy plate that attracts your palette's attention. Then it's a matter of prepping the wasabi and the shoyu in your little sauce bowl,and off you go! salmon maki,sushimi, japanese baby octupus,vegetable tempura,battered softshell crabs, scallops and what nots,each morsel washed down with some piping hot green tea.

 It was highly satisfying to  fulfill my super cravings for sushi for the past few days.I didnt use to like Japanese food very much, i suppose it was a cultural thing and you keep thinking Eww raw fish,Eww that thing has eyes on it! and i suppose i just wasnt very adventerous in terms of food. But i do love it now.i think sushi and japanese food in general is just so pretty,the little dainty morsels are perfect for ladies, i would call it "cute food"..just like everything else thats designed to be cute in Japan. i wish i knew how to make them myself properly! Its healthy as well since its mostly seafood and rarely oily.Yum..

Oh yes.It is Polling Day in Singapore,and my first time voting.Make your informed decision today.


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