Time on my hands

I completed my last examination paper required for a B.Sc.S degree(Bachelor in Social Sciences) on Tuesday morning, 2nd May 2006 and along with it, wrapped up life in NUS as i've known it for the last 4 years of my life there as a undergraduate.3 years of carefree fun, the 4th year was stressful,lonely and even insufferable at times but I've derived much life lessons,valuable knowledge and insights from the process as well. After exchanging a few bye-bye sentiments with my coursemates, i walked out of my faculty building in "AS3" with a strange mixture of liberation and uncertainty..but mostly just sheer relief that the punishing workload and constant stress from the past 12 months is finally over.

Clutching my trusty Crumpler bag filled with the thick chunk of lecture notes that I most probably will never ever need again,I took care to walk along my "normal path" filled with familiar little stuff that i've passed on my way to-and-fro school…the campus hostel i was  'bunking in' for a whole semester,the many flights of stairs it takes to get anywhere in NUS,the yellow ceilings that guide you to the correct LT or tutorial room, the sunny CoffeeClub-Xpress outlet nestled between LT 12 and 13 where i get my yummy Blackpepper chicken pie in a lunchbag, whenever there is no time inbetween classes for a proper lunch….the YONG TAU FOO food stall in the best faculty canteen in NUS….the library and the brown picnic tables littered around the faculty, the multi media library..and many many more fond, quirky memories.

Ive spent the last few days being bloody insomniac, a direct result of having conditioned my body clock to pulling late nights for the past few months,and mostly have been lazing at home in my oldiest,grubbiest teeshirts,without the need for make up and catching up on my favourite computer games,watching tv for HOURS,and generally enjoying the little luxury of having a bit more time on my hands for now. There were a lot of stuff i kept daydreaming of doing once i have the time, that ive been too uh, LAZY the  last two days.I refer to this as my "veg out' phase' where you just want to do absolutely nooooo work.

Ok,I have to go work on my sleep pattern now.As you can see,(or if wordpress clock is not accurate for my time zone) this post is written at 3:27am in the morning. ;\


2 Responses

  1. haha..congratulation!!! Well, after all.. life is all about memories. Good or bad.. happy or sad. Move on and you will know NUS is not the end point of the life.. in fact, your real life just started now!!

    Remembered you told me you wish to go for some travelling before find a job and working. hehe… enjoy your holiday and welcome to the working life!!

  2. Congratulations on completing your exams and welcome to the university of life 🙂 I actually miss my university years but I’m sure you’ll find fun in a new phase of your life, enjoy!

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