Consumed over the week

Like i mentioned before in the waffle entry,I've been meddling quite a bit in the kitchen these days.So here's a food entry.



From top left:Chilli hotdogs with mustard and tomato based beef sauce leftover from that night's pasta dinner.That was supper when i got peckish from studying in the middle of night.Its not exactly healthy i know.

Top right: Instant pastry! i whipped egg white until it was foamy, and then layered it on top of sliced bread with crab-mayo fillings in the middle and just popped it into the oven for a minute.You'll be surprised at the texture and colour when its done..its nicely browned and has a really nice pastry-like look and texture.Home made instant pastry in 5 minutes!

Bottom: Calamari and homemade salsa sauce.The salsa sauce is just tomato,a whole chilli blended.It tasted alright,but the salsa sauce was a bit over blended this time,it should have chunkier tomato bits for more bite!

The photography and dishes are not exactly top notch i such a amatuar. For more droolsome,mouth-watering moments visit the food pornographer,she will not disappoint.    


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  1. Mmm….they look delicious actually!

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