Settlers Cafe

For the second week running we are fulfilling our proposed "weekly 4/2 gathering". So every week everyone take turns to decide where to go and what to do together on a friday night( and no,clubbing is not included yet) .I quite like the idea,it's a good way to spend good times with friends that i havent been meeting up as often as i like now, and its great to explore singapore nightlife other than the regular drink and binge sessions in some dingy club.

This week,its Settlers Cafe, and you sit on cushioned floors for hours and play silly games with friends.There are LOTS of games to play,and the staff wll explain to you how to play new games.We played this "jungle-Something" game where you have to grab this handle everytime a similar card  comes up, and then we played this goldmining card game.The Katong branch is newly opened, and the crowd is a mixture of yuppies and teenagers,and it gets very noisy when everybody start getting excited around their group.Definitely not your average chill out cafe, but great for large group outings because everybody can get involved in the fun.


 Settlers Cafe   107 East Coast Road 

(Open until 1.30am on weekends) T:6345-0071

Average Cost: We got the 2hour package deal: $30 with free flow of games,4 drinks and a snack.

 Verdict: 7.5/10


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  1. Wow, there’s a public place where you can play games? Nothing like that in the UK except Youth Groups…pity.

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