Product review: Himalaya Herbals Walnut Scrub

wnutscrub.JPGMy little skincare gem discovery today: Himalayas Herbal Exfoliating Walnut scrub .Went to Watsons to top up my supply of regular tolietries and cleansers..was looking for a facial scrub for my nose area because i tend to get blackheads on my nose and its a bitch getting rid of them.( And they always come back!) I used to use St Ives scrubs..I had the white packaging medicated scrub for sensitive skin, and it worked great but was a bit drying so i got a St Ives creamy scrub which doesnt have much of the grainy texture that i like for my scrubs.SO today i found this little tube of Walnut scrub from himalayas herbals and bought it to try…and it works GREAT! Grainy with just the right texture,with walnut and crab apple so it smells nice as well,a nutty earthy kind of smell.It comes in a small tube(50g) so i intend to only use it for my nose hehe.Now for the best part….its selling in the Watsons bargain corner at SGD $1.80 now only! Im going to get a few more tubes to stock up tomorrow. Yay!

Overall Rating: 8/10

Also of interest today,this website alllooksame was presented during class today and we did the little game of differentiating Chinese, korean and Japanese from each other.The girl in class did a pretty good job,she got 12 out of the 18 correct.i went home and did a terrible job..i only got 7 correct! Sheesh…its much tougher than you think! Go try it.


2 Responses

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