Short Legs: How to Make the Most of Them

For those i-wish-i-were-taller days..

IVillage to the rescue! 

Excerpted from What Not to Wear (Riverhead Books)by Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine ( Remember that life changing "89% of women are not wearinh the correct bra size" episode of Oprah Winfrey?? These are the two unforgettable funny ladies from that episode!)

 See what they say about how to dress around short legs.(Uh huh, yours truly included here 😦 ) 

"If you've got or don't want perfect breasts, then it will be long legs you're after. These, like lovely breasts, are a reason to hate anyone who owns them, especially as cosmetic surgery is yet to perfect a method of increasing the inside leg measurement. Trinny sympathizes wholly with stump owners. She's had them all her life. Rather than live with them, though, she has learned how to hide them, quite brilliantly. No one would guess that lurking beneath those long-line jackets and fully flared trousers are pins better attached to one of Snow White's small friends. If she can give the illusion of legs to rival Elle Macpherson's, anyone can. And like all easily solved problems, it frustrates us immensely to see women who have given in to the fact that they are Corgis rather than Great Danes.

Golden Rules for Short Legs

  • Cropped trousers will only accentuate your lack of leg.

  • Never wear tight trousers ‑- they will only draw attention to where your butt ends and your legs begin.

  • Always wear your hem to the ground when wearing trousers with high heels.

  • Never wear a skirt that has a second dropped waistband; your already short legs will halve again in size.

  • Dresses over trousers cover up where legs begin.

  • Keep the color flowing ‑- same on shoe, sock and trouser.

  • If you can't walk in your high heels, they won't give you confidence.

  • Source

How many of these no-nos have you committed if you too, are shorter in frame? I would say about…3 of them in my case. I wear my tight 599 levis jeans (What else should any girl wear in singapore?! i think this one doesnt ring true,if you're short you need to frame your already petite self better with well fitting jeans)..i had a phase of liking those looong tops over jeans ( yeah i can't carry those off,i realised a while ago)… and lastly i dont wear heels very well,im clumsy and awkward in them and cant walk long in them,therefore i really dont feel much "taller" when im in such uncomfortable shoes! 

Hmmmm.I usually have a fashion muse when i buy clothes.They change all the time…but i've always liked Rachel Bilson's style.


She really knows how to put things together,and she's effortlessly chic on TV or off Tv. She does the boho (Read: Looong Tops over pants look) really well too so that debunk the short legs no nos rules! Plus she's on the petite side and have a pretty normal girl's body as well, so that's great cos you cant really have supermodel fashion muses like Kate Moss when you're 5 feet nothing…ya know what i mean? It just doesnt translate well..hello reality.

Summing up this entry….I actually dont mind being small or short, so long as the body is porportionate and the legs are shapely short,not "stumpy" short. Short legs=stumpy legs is a common misconception,Not all short girls are stumpy.Legs are stumpy when they are bigger than they need to be. Having "thunder"thighs will also make your legs look stumpy,AKA Piano legs, that's regardless of if you're a tall person or a short person."Thunder" thighs can be rid of with frequent and well disciplined thigh exercising regimes,or yoga…or liposuction…uh,but that's a topic for another day!

My day starts at 2 tomorrow,but Im going to try to get a full 8 hrs sleep tonight, since i've been depriving my body of sleep for the last few days.Good night now!


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  1. haha… okok. No comment on your figure, legs, breasts, whatever….. Let your boyfriend/s or husband to discover bah. I think comfortable is more important than anything else. : P

  2. […] This season, jeans are getting skinny( thanks to the legging fad i suppose) and ever more faded/distressed.Which only bids two things- One,please read my leg post  if you are vertically challenged, and Two..YAY those faded old jeans languishing at the back of my wardrobe will finally see the light of day again! […]

  3. Hi, sorry for a little offtopic but a friend told me about your site and it’s really great. So keep it up πŸ˜€

    – Laura from

  4. ?/???/ ???/???? ???? ??/?

  5. Nothing wrong with short legs as long as their well defined..and proportionate to the frame… as for wearing longer skirts? i actually like to see a well defined leg in heels ..short or long πŸ™‚

  6. i have really long torso and short legs…
    noticed it when my guy friend who is much taller than me (while standing) become significantly shorter than me while sitting. how weird is that!

    thanks for the brilliant tips.

  7. i have got the same problem!!!!!!!!

  8. Oh Aimee and Jane, I am in your boat, doesnt it just suck?!
    But thanks for the tips, I’m really into fashion but have found I cant do all trends due to my disprportionate body 😦 so i just make my own and practically live in my heels πŸ™‚ (you really cant under estimate the power of heels).

  9. 😦 My legs are SUPER short! I can’t pull off any trousers unless i wear heels but being 14 I can’t really wear them and anyway why shouldn’t i just be able to wear flats? Its so unfair! Also having short legs and a long torso makes me look a lot fatter than i actually am. I can’t stop thinking about them wherever i am 😦 Also it doesnt help that i am extremely ugly and have REALLY bad skin! Its covered in spots and blackheads and is EXTREMELY oily! I wash my face twice a day but its constantly oily! i am so sshy because of my looks, if i just had NORMAL length legs i would be so much confidenter!

    • nena honey- i used to feel exactly like you do but i promise it’s not as bad as you think. i had really really terrible skin but i went to the doctors and although it took a while it cleared up, so be patient. i too have short legs so i know what you mean- but honestly, if our legs got longer, we would just find something else to dislike about our bodies. just enjoy playing around with clothes to find what suits you and don’t stress too much- what you look like is always changing and it’s only a small part of who you are. take a look at proverbs 31:30 x

      • Thank you elsbeth, it makes me feel better when I can talk to people about my appearance. Unfortunately I can’t talk to my friends about it much as they just don’t understand as they are all so pretty so they find it hard to sympathise properly-if you know what I mean, they can think ‘poor nena, i’m so lucky i’m this pretty, it must be horrible to look like her’ but they’ll always be pretty and they’ll just forget about it in minutes. I just don’t see why I have so many things wrong with me 😦 Why can’t I just have bad skin and be pretty with ok legs? Or have short legs and be pretty(not even pretty, just ok) and have normal skin? Or even just ugly with a good body and good skin? Why do I have to have all 3 things??? Wherever I am all I think about is how I look and how people must be thinking how ugly I am. If I’m in town and I see a group of boys or something I just hide behind my friends because i’m scared what they’ll think about me. I’m so shy, its unbelievable. in school people are always like ‘why are you so quiet’? and stuff. \They don’t understand that that just makes it worse. I have a rubbish personality too. I can’t hold a conversation for more than 1 minute so then there’s just akward silence. I only feel comfortable with about 4-5 of my friends although i have more. I’m not sure why the rest even like me tbqh. I have never had a boyfriend(im 14 and a half) and never been kissed. I just hate myself and my personality.

      • And I know that looks are not meant to matter, and I wish that they didn’t, but nowadays they really do. Maybe not so much in private education but in state schools it’s really bad that way.

      • Thats an advantage! womn wouldnt want daddy long legs/grasshopper legs!

    • dude I have good skin and I’m pretty but have the ugliest short legs and the longest skinniest torso. I look horrible when I look in the mirror. I realized that I was disproportionate around two years ago and since then I literally have no life, constantly hate on my legs and myself. You said that u would be happy if you had good skin or were pretty but trust me you wouldn’t have been, coz I’m not. I self-diagnosed myself with depression last year and my ugly legs are the major cause of it. for now I just wear black kinda baggy jeans that kinda confuses the eye of where my legs start lol. Maybe we should just suck it up and learn to be happy with how we are, easy to say and tough to do but I try.

    • I dont want those daddy long leg/grasshopper legs.if anything the majority of women in the world are below 5’7″. That includes marilyn monroe,vida guerra,jessica simpson,kim kardashian,Coco austin,mayra veronica,monica santiago,shakira,sarah lime,salma hayek,carmen electra,renatta frisson and the list goes on. I actually read that shorter women have more estrogen because estrogen is what stops bone grow, testosterone is what increases bone growth! thats why tall girls were given a while ago “Estrogen injections” to halt bone growth.
      Shorter women are more feminine, which explain their curves(small waist,big butt,wide hips,thighs,etc)
      Men prefer a Kim kardashian body than a 6 foot tall model with toothpick for legs and looks like a prepubescent child! the fashion industry distorted the female form! men liek meat,only dogs like bones!No man wants sticks fo rlegs, they actually are disgusted by that. Men like the opposite of masculinity, which is femininty. Long grasshopper/daddy long legs are not beautiful! and especialyl when therye thin, they look like tootpicks! marilyn monroe wasnt tall but men would choose her over a boy looking 6 foot tall telephone pole body with long stick legs and size 13 feet

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